The Change Of Government

Revelation 11:15: “And the seventh angel sounded" and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ" and he shall reign for ever and ever.”

We’ve been trying to explain to some of the brethren what has taken place. The thing that is taking place is so marvelous and so great that the only expression there really is for it is what the queen of Sheba said, after talking with Solomon, “The half has never yet been told.” So, down through the years, as men have attempted to tell about this great, wonderful thing concerning Christ and His kingdom, and the marvelous things that Christ is doing, the half has never yet been told.

I’m thankful to have a part in what is taking place and have an opportunity to try, to explain to you something concerning the glories of God. The Bible tells us that all of the earth is filled with the glory of God. Everywhere, the earth is filled and overflowing with the glory of God. So then, we find ourselves trying to explain what is taking place and explain to you about the glories of God.

It has fallen my lot to have this kind of ministry. We could have chosen a different kind of ministry, where we would not preach so strong to the people, but lightly touch things here and there, and we would have gone another route altogether. But, had we done that, we wouldn’t be moving in this realm that we’re moving in today. We would have had a different kind of ministry.

I saw the other kind of ministry. I came in contact with it and the Lord showed me that I could have that ministry. The world admires that kind of ministry. But He also showed me the will of God and showed me the ministry of Christ. I was so shocked when I saw it that I began to plead with God and I said, “My God, my God, don’t let me have that kind of ministry!” It seems like just a routine thing that men automatically go in that direction, and I was already moving into it, and according to world attraction, it is so fascinating that men just automatically feel that it’s the will of God.

But, when I saw the ways of God, I remember so very clearly how God said, “Here it is, son.” I looked and I saw the other ministry and God said, “Is this what you want?” When He showed me the ministry of Christ, I was so shaken up about it that I said, “My God, my God, please don’t give me the other kind of ministry. Please, Jesus, give me this ministry of Christ.” I pleaded with Him and I begged Him and the Lord said, “If you will be sincere, if this is what you want, then this is what I’ll give you.”

It is so easy to miss God. It’s so easy because men walk by sight, and they go after what they see, and that’s the wrong thing to do. To go after what you feel and what you see is the wrong thing to do. The Bible tells us that they endured as seeing Him who is invisible. That is when you go after the right thing. The prophets of old endured as seeing Him who is invisible. Paul said that He would praise the invisible God, give glory to the invisible God and walk with the invisible God. That’s the only way to be able to look in on heaven.

I remember the vision, where I was looking into heaven, and I saw the great and mighty things of God as they began to take place, and the heavens were filled. I’ve had many visions where I looked into the heavens and the heavens were literally filled with the glories of God and the wonderful things of God. On this particular occasion, I looked up and I saw these wonderful things of God. I was suspended between heaven and earth, and I was looking up to a high place and I saw these great, marvelous things taking place. I was so stirred and so thrilled, and I looked back into the earth, and there was a great multitude of people that were standing, looking up at me. I was so excited, I turned around and I said, “Look, look what God is doing! Look what’s in the heavens!” I turned back around and I began to look. Then I noticed that I wasn’t hearing any noise or feeling any excitement behind me. I turned back around and looked back down there, and I suddenly became aware that the people were looking directly at me and they did not see anything that I was looking at, yet the heavens were filled with the greatness of God. I said, “Oh my, Lord, they don’t see any of this. They’re not looking at any of this!”

I was so excited over it because I was seeing the great, marvelous things of God, but I became aware of the fact that they did not see anything. They were looking at me. Then I heard a voice, and the voice said, “I need a David.” I called back and said, “Lord, I’ll be Your David.” That’s what God’s looking for tonight. I didn’t know exactly what God meant by that. But, you know, the Bible tells us that David was a man after God’s own heart, and God is looking for somebody that will be after His own heart. He’s looking for men and women after His own heart. When we can look back and say, “I’ll be a man after Your own heart,” then we’re beginning to get in a place with God where He can use us and love us, where He will talk to us, and where He will reveal the riches of His great Spirit and glory to us.

It is an exciting hour. Now, you ask, “But Brother Pike, what is there to be excited over?” How can I help but be excited, because I see so many wonderful things of God! Beloved friend, when you see the things of God, you will be excited. When you see the marvelous works of God, then you will be excited. You’ll not be able to hold your composure through life in the way that you do now. You’ll get all excited, because you cannot see the things that I’ve seen, hear the things that I’ve heard, and know the things that I’ve known without getting all excited. If the Pentecostal people, in the early move of God, would shout, run, jump, holler, turn over the benches, turn over the chairs, speak in tongues and feeling the presence of God poured out upon them, how much more exciting is this, when you venture out into faith and see the supernatural things of God that’s been hid from the foundation of the world?

It’s so wonderful to be a Christian and be able to grasp these things and feel the wonderful blessings of God. If I can get your mind and spirit, and take it into my mind and into my spirit and into the Spirit of God, we can take a trip into the heavenlies and we can see things that eye hath never seen, that ear hath not heard, that hath never entered into the heart of mankind at any time. God will let us know these things, if we’re willing to get into the Spirit.

The secret of the book of Revelation is that the Bible tells us that John was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day. What we need to do is get in the Spirit. I preached a sermon called “The Lord’s Day”. If we could just recognize the Lord’s day, if we could just look around somewhere, there is the Lord’s day. If we could find the Lord’s day and enter into the Lord’s day, what a time we would have. What a great jubilee it would be if we could just enter into the Spirit on the Lord’s day.

We fail to associate the natural creation of this life with spiritual blessings. Some Christians are so spiritual, as to their thinking, that they never consider the fact that God can give them anything natural. A lot of people are so natural that they never get into the Spirit so that God can give them anything spiritual. But what God is trying to do is bring the Spirit and the body together. God is not pleased with the government of today. As the body without the spirit is dead, so the government of today is completely dead because they have rejected Christ, the chief cornerstone. God ordained this stone be the chief or the head of the whole thing. So then, God isn’t pleased with the government. God isn’t pleased with the affairs of mankind. He’s not pleased with the order of things, and we’re living in a day when God is about to change the entire situation.

The thing that stirred up the people against Jesus was that some were saying, “This man, this Jesus says that He’s going to change the customs of this city. He’s going to change our ways. He’s going to change our government. He’s going to change the ways of doing things.” That always upset them. This always had the rulers and the leaders upset because Jesus was always talking about changing the customs, changing the fashions, changing the ways of doing things. If we preach a gospel that does not bear witness to a change, we don’t have a gospel. There are many gospels in the world, but only the gospel of truth bears witness to a change. The true gospel will change your life. It will completely eradicate sin from your life. It will make you think different, talk different, act different, and look different. It will make you be different.

Some people say, “My salvation or my experience with God doesn’t have anything to do with my natural way of living and my natural desires. I don’t see where that has anything to do with it.” But, brothers and sisters, if you don’t have a religion or an experience of salvation that will change your mode of dressing and your mode of thinking and your mode of doing, then you’ve never gotten acquainted with the Lord Jesus Christ. The Christ that I’m talking about is a possessive power that moves into your life and takes over your heart and takes over your thoughts, until every thought that you think will completely be translated into the knowledge and mind of Jesus Christ. That’s why the Bible tells us to cast down imagination and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Jesus Christ. That will give us strength in God.

We have a power for warfare, though our warfare is not carnal. All of our efforts are not carnal. They’re spiritual, but the Bible teaches that this power that we have is mighty through the casting down of strongholds, pulling down of those things, and the casting down of imagination. The Bible tells us that this power that we have, this spiritual strength that we have, this great anointing that God gives on the inside of our heart, this mind of power and understanding, this great wisdom that comes from God, that it’s mighty through the casting down of the strongholds of the devil. The strongholds of the devil are within your thinking. The strongholds of the devil are within your thoughts. The carnal mind is enmity with God. Your carnal mind is enmity with God. If you think carnally, then you are the enemy of God. If you think carnally, that means you have never gotten over the Jordan, because to be carnally minded is death.

The whole thing centers around the fact that we’re trying to get over the Jordan. What is the Jordan? It signifies death, for if we can’t get over the Jordan, then we’re still in the wilderness. We’ve got to get over the Jordan if we’re ever going to have the new harvest from God. If we’re ever going to bypass death, we’ve got to get over the Jordan. So then, to get over the carnal mind is to get over Jordan.

The Bible teaches that from the very first time that Eve sinned against God, death set in. From that very moment, the tree of knowledge began to take hold, and death set in. From that very hour, she became the victim of death. There was something that took hold of her and enveloped her. She became enveloped with a power that seized her, that robbed her of life and that took away her faith in God and left her a creature to circumstantial environment, something that she could not escape.

So then, we know that we are in a prison unless we have come to the place where we can understand and cross over the carnal mind and get over Jordan. As long as I lean to my own understanding, I am a creature of death, for to be carnally minded is death. If I can bypass the mind of Satan, get away from the mind of the beast, get away from my imagination, my lust, my thoughts, my passions, my worldly desires, my ambitions and endeavors in this life, then, beloved friend, I can enter into the mind of Christ Jesus. I enter into the rest of God and I become a person that has gotten free from the circumstantial environments of life. I’ve broken down the prison bars. I’m not troubled with the evils of life. I’m not imprisoned by the thoughts of humanity. I’m not subject to the things of this world because I have escaped the snares of this life by going up into the heavenlies with God. The song says, “I have found a new place in the heavenlies.”

We are here in Manchester for a specific purpose. I say again, God isn’t pleased with the government of today. I don’t think I have to tell you that. You know that God isn’t pleased with the government. All of us understand that God isn’t pleased with the government because the government is not of God. If the government was of God, then God would be pleased with the government. The thing that troubled those early rulers was that Jesus came against the governmental authorities and powers of that day, and Jesus spoke boldly against the leaders of that day without fear and without favor. He spoke of the truth. He told them how truth needed to be established in this world and how that all of the governmental powers would have to be founded upon the word of truth or else they would crumble. Everything would fall unless it was converted to truth. So it is, friend, that we are here today in this place called Manchester is because it signifies a positive change in the governmental affairs of mankind.

We want to believe that we know a lot, and the dignitaries of this world want to believe that they’re in control, but the Bible tells us that God upset the kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar. God upset the kingdom back in Daniel’s day, and the thing that He tried to establish, and finally did establish in their minds, was that God rules in the affairs of mankind. We might not want to admit it, but God rules in the affairs of America. God rules in the affairs of Germany. God rules in the affairs of Israel. God is the ruler in the affairs of mankind. You can check history and you’ll find out that all the way down through the past years, that when people repented, when people served God, when people lived right, they had a good form of government. They had a good king. They had a good leader. They had good times. Their little ones were blessed. Sickness was lifted out of the land. But, in every instance where they disobeyed God and became worldly and became selfish and gluttonous, God automatically raised up an evil leader and there was always trouble and problems in the land and the people never could find any rest.

Today, mankind is literally being oppressed to the point of taking their own lives. We don’t have any rest or relaxation in their spirit today. We’re living in an hour when men cannot relax anymore. There is nothing that they can turn to. There is no hope anymore. Why is it? It’s because we have forsaken the ways of the living God. He said that we’ve committed two evils. We have forsaken Christ. We have forsaken God. That’s one of the evils that has been committed. The Bible says the second evil that we have committed is we have hewn out cisterns that will not hold water. It will not hold Spirit. We have got a religious experience, and when we speak of this vessel or this body as being a cistern, we have hewn out a cistern that won’t hold water.

A man was praying for a woman and he kept saying, “Fill her, fill her, fill her with the Spirit, fill her.” Somebody else was saying, “It won’t do any good, it won’t do any good, God, because she leaks.” She’s got a broken cistern. It won’t hold any water. We cannot keep the Spirit of life, the waters of life within this vessel if we’ve got a broken cistern. We cannot keep this great Holy Ghost that God has given to us if we’re going to manipulate here and there, and do everything to turn away from the truth and turn away from the walk of holiness and turn away from righteousness.

I preach against the world of sports very hard. People wonder, “Brother Pike, why do you preach against the world of sports the way you do?” I preach against it because it is of the devil! I can prove it’s of the devil and it’s one of the major tools that Satan is using to overthrow the world. I’ve spoke many times about the beast that John saw coming up out of the water. The Bible says that when this beast came up out of the water, John noticed this beast had bear feet. He carried a leopard body. He had a head like a lion. When you make a comparison with the vision that John saw to the vision Daniel saw, it was the same, identical vision.

There was only one difference. In Daniel’s day, God said to Daniel, “Seal up the vision, for the time, Daniel, is not yet.” But when John saw the vision, God did not tell John to seal the vision, but He said, “The time is at hand.” It’s true, when Daniel saw the vision, he saw a lion that was given a man’s heart that stood up which represented the old Babylonian kingdom. The next thing he saw was the bear that represented the Medes and the Persian kingdom. The next thing he saw was the leopard that represented the kingdom of Alexander the Great, the Grecian kingdom that was established in that day out of a zeal because of the Hellenistic religion. The same vision that Daniel saw was the beast in the book of Revelation. The only difference is when Daniel saw it, it was an individual stride for power and conquest, but when John saw it, it was a unification. It was something that had come together in a trinity to rule and destroy the world. They had combined their forces when John saw the vision.

It is a true fact that most of us understand that those bear feet had to do with Communism. Most of us realize that. Most of us understand that the lion head has to do with Catholicism, but when we speak of the leopard body having to do with the Grecian government and the powers that it produces, we seem to get off trail. The Babylonian kingdom was represented by a lion. The Bible didn’t say it was a lion, for the devil goeth about like a roaring lion. The Bible says that Jesus is the lion of the tribe of Judah, but the devil goeth about like a roaring lion. It doesn’t say that it is the lion. When it comes to the bear, it’s obvious that it points to Communism because we know that is the thing the Communistic party highlights. When it comes to the Grecian powers, this where we side step.

There are three things that a body of people in the world must have. These things are essential to the survival of mankind. They first must have a government, and that’s where the bear feet come in. They’ve got to have a government. What form of government will the world have in the time of the antichrist and the beast regime? It will be Communism. Somebody would say, “I don’t believe it.” It doesn’t make any difference whether you believe it or not, it will happen just exactly that way. I made the statement that the Catholic Church and Russia will come together. A short while after I made that statement, the Catholic Church made the statement that they would cater to Communism and to Russia because it was imperative to the great church that they do this, in that it was the only power that could cause the great church to continue. This agrees with what the Word of God said, for the Bible says that the beast carried the great whore. The bear feet. People have to have a form of government. The world cannot operate without a form of government. What kind of government? Communism.

There’s something else the world has to have. It has to have a religion. The world cannot survive without a religious conviction. It may be Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Masons, or some other group, but they have to be affiliated with some religious group because God has fashioned all men’s hearts alike, and their spirits and hearts are searching for something that will give them a spiritual relief in this life. So there has to be a religion, if it’s nothing but their own philosophy or their own religious ideas. They’ll discuss religion with you if they have to. They’ll tell you what they think about it though they may not know anything about it. Yet they’ve got their religious convictions.

Another thing that they must have is entertainment. There has to be something that will entertain the world. There has to be a form of relaxation. There has to be something to bring about the leisure of mankind. There has to be something that he can lean upon.

The Bible speaks of this beast having his constitution of these three great things. There has to be a government, which is Communism. There has to be a religion, which is a universal thing called Catholicism. Why Catholicism? Because there is no other religion in the world that makes allowance for anything that you want to do. You can do anything you want to, belong to any church you want to, as long as you accept the Pope and follow his religious ways. Then he accepts you as his child. There has to be a religion, and Catholicism will fit. Communism is the only form of government that will fit the world.

I’ve studied it. I’ve prayed about it. I’ve had God to put it before me. I’ve taken the Protestant government and went down the line, step by step, and the Protestant government could not stand in the thing that God showed. I’ve taken every form of government that God brought before me. None of them would work out right, but when God put Communism before me, it worked out right for a government for the people. Somebody would say, “Brother Pike, it’s a terrible government.” You know what it is? It is an anti-type of the government of Jesus Christ, which is all things common. That’s where the devil got it. He copied Christ. It isn’t the form of government that’s bad. We need the government that it was taken from, which is Christ’s government. The problem is having the wrong person at the head of it, which is the beast. We need Christ Jesus at the head of the government for this world.

The next thing we’ve got to have is a means of relaxation. We have to have some kind of entertainment. We’ve got to have something for our bodies, some form of exercise, some means of release. We’ve got to do something, let go in something. Man has to have that. There’s no way that he can survive without it. That’s where the Grecian power comes in, the one that esteems sports. They’re the one that’s always upholding sports. That evil thing that comes from that country, that is a derivative from the powers of Satan, which swallows up the world.

America and Germany may not be on speaking terms, but when it comes to sports, they’ll get together. Russia and America may not be on speaking terms, but when it comes to sports, they’ll get together. They did it not too long ago in Atlanta, Georgia. What is it? It’s that third part, that massive part, that bodily part, that makes up the many members. It’s the sports of this world. They’ve got to race. They’ve got to play football. They’ve got to play baseball. They’ve got to play volleyball. They’ve got to play basketball. They’ve got to play some kind of game, some kind of sports in this world.

Have you noticed that it’s becoming more and more brutal? First it was just a matter of a race, just a matter of boxing, just a matter of wrestling. But, that’s not entertaining enough. It’s going back to the same way it was in the Dark Ages. Back in the time when they cried for blood and they wanted to see somebody get hurt. Now, they like to see a car or two crash up on the speedway. They like to see somebody get into a fight when the ball games are going on. They love to see a little bit of excitement. They’re gradually going back to the beast side of it, becoming more beastly and more beastly.

The beast that comes up out of the waters will be a constitution of three things that I spoke of: the government, the religion, and the field of entertainment. It will be constituted of those three things, and those three things will pacify the people. You give the people of the world these three things and they’ll be completely pacified. It will answer all of their desires. Now, when we speak of the beast, we’re speaking of human beings. Somebody would say, “Brother Pike, what is that beast that came up out of the water?” That beast is every person that’s not born again. That is the beast, for the Bible says that these are brute beasts made to be taken and destroyed.

There’s something in the world today that is the nearest thing to a son of God. What is it? It’s a man. What is a man? He’s a beast. He looks like a son of God. He walks like a son of God. He talks like a son of God, but he’s not eternal. He does not have eternal life. He is not a God. He is a beast. He is in the world today. He was in the garden in that day. He’s still in the world today. The only thing that men are waiting for today is the appearing of the head of that beast.

The church of today, the body of Jesus Christ, is also in the world today. Jesus was God manifested in the flesh, and today, you that love God, all of those that love God, the Bible teaches that ye are gods. Ye are born of God, and as I’ve said so many times, a cat will beget a cat. A dog will beget a dog, and a God will beget a god. We’re born of God, and that makes us gods in the earth today. That’s why Jesus said, “Ye are gods, but ye shall die like a beast, like men.”

Why? From the lack of knowledge. What kind of knowledge? It certainly isn’t the beast knowledge. It certainly isn’t the knowledge of today that stems from the tree of corruption. It certainly isn’t the educational side of life that turns them into the brute beasts that we speak of. That wasn’t the knowledge that God was speaking of. They perish because they’ve not come to the knowledge of God! They’ve not come to the understanding of sonship. They’ve not come to the divine mind of God and the treasures of God that He’s hid in the mind of Christ that belongs to them.

They’ve not been made to realize that having a Word mind brings the Word faith and that a Word faith has the power to translate you into the marvelous kingdom of God and redeem your body from that other mind that is within you. Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus, who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to make Himself equal with God, yet He tried to make of Himself no reputation, but He humbled Himself and became humble even unto death.

So then, we can see the great calling that we have, wherein we are called into this great god-ship. We are not of this world, even as Christ Jesus was not of this world. Why then should we conform to this world and the ways of this world? Why should our chief interests be in this world today? If we are not of this world, then why should our chief interests be in the world? Why should we be so concerned about the world if we’re not born of the world? Why is it that our treasures are not in heaven? Why is it that our conversation is not in heaven? Why is it that our interest is not in heaven? If we’re born of the Holy Spirit, then we’re children of God. We’re not of this world. God has chosen us out of this world and He hath hid us with Christ in God whom the heavens have received until the time of the restoring or the restitution of all things.

That brings us back to where we started. Why are we in Manchester? Because the hour of the restoring, the hour of the coming of the Lord, the hour of the changed government, the hour of the translation, the hour of what we refer to as the rapture, this great hour is here for us to be manifested as sons and daughters of God. God has brought us to a time of inspiration such as the world has never known. That is the hour we are coming to at this very time. We’re here because God is making a change. We’re talking like this because God is making a change. We’re speaking this way because God is establishing something at this very time. But those who are not born again, who do not believe the Word of God, they are not going to forsake your way of sports. They’re not going to forsake their lust. They’re not going to forsake the ways of life. How can they when they are born of the world? How can they when they’re very nature and desire and hunger and thirst and life depends on the inspiration that they get from those temporal things? They cannot do it. They will not do it. They’ll go to great extremes to put their children into it, though it may kill them, though it may destroy them, yet they will not be satisfied until they see their soul burn in hell because of their desire.

There are those that will follow Christ because they are born of God. They have the nature of God. They hunger and thirst after the things of God. It is their joy and their delight to be like Jesus and to walk in the ways of Jesus. But, the world will follow the beast. Who then will follow the beast? The Bible says that all of the world wondered after the beast. All of the world wondered after it. The church world wondered after it. All have wondered after the lust of the flesh. All of the world wondered after the beast.

“What do you mean, Brother Pike, all of the world wondered after the beast?” They wondered after the flesh. That’s why there are women that can hardly bear to go without painting their lips up like a barn, chopping their hair off, twisting it up, doing anything. The devil will do anything to get a woman’s hair off of her shoulders, because the woman represents the church, and the Bible says that the government shall be upon the shoulders. The devil will do anything to make a mess out of that hair, to get it off the shoulders, to make her look any way but like the church.

The world wondered after the beast, the passions of life, the ambitions of life, the desires of life. What is the beast? The intellectual reasoning of education and high positions in the world, for the Bible says that Satan, or the serpent, hath climbed up into the upper lintel. That is, he has gotten into the upper places in the government, into the high places. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places, principalities, for Satan is the ruler, or the prince, over the powers that are in the air, who works in the minds of the children of disobedience.

So then, who wondered after the beast? All of the world wondered after the flesh, for who is the beast? The flesh is the beast! That’s why God condemned the flesh. That’s why God took His own Son and made His own Son a spectacle at Calvary. That’s why the Bible says that He who knew no sin was made sin. He that was not a beast was made a beast in the eyes of God and made a beast in the eyes of the people, that God might pour out His wrath upon the beast. Everything that you saw happen to Jesus is exactly what is going to happen to the beast, whether it be your carcass or whether it be the head of the thing when it heads up into a headship with the beast.

I could take the things of Calvary and show you step by step that everything that happened to Jesus is exactly what will happen to the beast. Everything that happened to Him is exactly what God will do to the beast. Everyone that believes on the Lord Jesus Christ will escape the wrath that is to happen to the beast, for in believing in the Lord Jesus Christ, we are transformed into His oneness, into His image, into His likeness, and therefore our bodies are not considered the beast. He became the beast for us, was punished as the beast, and died as the beast at Calvary that I might be a son of God and be Him in life while He takes my place in death. He became me in sin and in death that I might be Him in life. He became me that He might die out of the presence of God that I might be Him and live in the presence of God. Today, it is not I that liveth but Christ that liveth within me and the life I now live, I live by the Son of God, for I am bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh.

All of the world will wonder after the beast. Where does the beast come from? The Bible says that it came up out of the waters. If we look at it from a natural standpoint, then we will have to say that the beast came up out of the Mediterranean Sea. But the beast is not coming out of the Mediterranean Sea. You can be sure that the beast isn’t coming up that way. God was using a symbol, types and shadows and symbols. When you see the beast, it won’t be like that at all.

What then are the waters? The Bible says the waters were a great multitude of people. Out of the great multitude of many millions of people in the world, there will be one here and one there. There will be hundreds of people that will come out of a people that will be beast, brute beasts, some of them made to be taken and burned. They’ll be cast into the lake of fire. They will come out of the great body of water. They will come out from among the people.

Recently, there was a little girl by the name of Eve, thirteen years old, and she had committed twenty-one crimes. Out of those crimes, she’d committed eleven major crimes, and the last crime that she committed was murder. Thirteen years old! The judge gave her over a hundred years as a sentence. Thirteen years old, but the hundred years sentence didn’t bother her. The paper stated that while she sat in court, she just made a mockery and said some ugly things about the people that were related to the one that she murdered. It didn’t bother her in the least. You see, people are beasts when they don’t have God.

When Joshua marched around Jericho, then went in and took the land, they not only slew the grownups, but they slew the youth. Did you know that when the king threw those into the lion’s den that had done harm to Daniel’s reputation, did you know that he also threw the little ones in? Do you realize that a snake is a snake, whether he’s a little one or a big one? The Bible tells us that your children are unclean unless they are sanctified by God and that by your faith in God. It puts them in a bad light if you don’t follow after Christ.

So then, there are beasts in this world. The Bible says, “Don’t cast your pearls before swine.” There are swine in this world. Don’t cast them before swine lest they trample them under their feet and then turn again and rend you. There are swine in this world. They’re going to wallow in the mire. Have you ever met a swine? How do you know a swine when you meet one? He will be wallowing in the mire, and he will be upset if you don’t wallow in the mire with him. How then can I know a swine? The Bible says that you can put your pearls before him, tell him about the lovely things of Jesus, and he’ll make a joke of it. He’ll turn around and make a joke out of it.

How can I know the dogs of this world? The Bible teaches that you can recognize the dogs because they’ll return to their vomit. They will always go back to their vomit. They may spit it up, they vomit it up, they may get sick off of it, but they’ll go back to their vomit. Like a drunkard, he may get drunk on the weekend and may have a headache on Monday, he may be sick and vomit everywhere, but it won’t be long before he’ll go back to his vomit and get him another drink. So we see that the whole world will wonder after the beast.

That’s why it is necessary that the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our God.

It’s not just a spiritual experience that we have. We’re not just sent to convert people to spiritual experiences with God, but we are proclaiming a gospel that will bring everything in this world under the control of the Almighty God. The kingdoms of this world. Notice that it doesn’t say the kingdoms of heaven, it says the kingdoms of this world. When the last angel sounded, then the kingdoms of this world suddenly became the kingdom of God. The Bible says in the book of Revelation that the seventh seal was opened, and it tells us that those seven trumpeters stood there to sound those seven trumpets, and four of them sounded and the horrible things took place. The waters turned to blood and the locusts were turned loose on the earth and the horrible things took place" but the last three trumpets were called woes. The last three trumpets of the seven were called, “Woe, woe, woe.”

The Bible says that between the sixth and seventh trumpets, something out of the ordinary took place. There was a divine intervention from God between the sounding of the last two woes. The Bible says a great thing took place. John saw something that he had not seen before, and during the time he was looking at this divine intervention, the Bible says that this is where God brought in the seven thunders. It was there, in between, that something happened that the church world has not been able to grasp even until now. There was a divine intervention.

But following that last sounding, the Bible says that the last trumpet, the seventh trumpet, sounded, and when the seventh trumpet sounded, that’s when the kingdoms of this world were declared to be the kingdoms of God, because the angel had made the statement to John, “Seal up the things that the seven thunders uttered, and write them not … but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, the mystery of God should be finished.” So it was that the seventh angel sounded to bring about the finishing of the mysteries of God.

Great is the mystery of godliness, and Paul said, “I’m made a steward of that mystery.” Great is the mystery of godliness, for God was manifested in Jesus. Manifested in the flesh, you and I, seen of angels, caught up into heaven. There is a great mystery that is yet to take place. There is still the unveiling of the great mysteries of God to the church. That’s why I say that the church world doesn’t need to just skip and hop, teach Sunday school, and sit and listen to the preacher for two hours, tell them something that they knew before they got there. We need to get into a spiritual mind where we can get into the mysteries of God and unveil the mysteries of God. If we’re not going to learn or grow into the mysteries of God, we might as well close shop and quit, because, friend, it’s going to take the unveiled mysteries of God to translate the church.

They asked Jesus the question: “Why is it that You speak to these people in parables, seeing that they don’t understand what You say?” He said, “It is not given unto them to know the mysteries of God but unto you it’s given.” Why is that? It was given unto them to hear the gospel. Preach the gospel to every creature and let them hear the gospel. If there isn’t something beyond the gospel that’s going to translate the church, that means the entire world will be translated. All of them have heard it, but there has to be something else and that is the mystery. Paul said, “Behold, I show you a mystery.” What kind of mystery? “We shall be changed,” he said. That’s where the mystery is. That’s where the difference is.

So then, God has something special for the church. I want to bypass death, don’t you? I don’t care to go through the tribulation period. Someone might say, “Well, Brother Pike, I’d just as soon die.” It’s one thing to die and be planted in the ground. But, it’s another thing to come to the place where you’re not going to be planted in the ground, but the terrible ordeal of the tribulation period is going to be upon you. See, it’s a difference in dying and being planted in the ground or staying alive and going through the tribulation period. I don’t want to go through it, do you? God has something else for us. He certainly does. It’s joy unspeakable and full of glory.

But remember, the world wondered after the beast. What is the beast? It’s every one that is not predestinated of God. Those that are not born again, that are not predestinated of God, they’re the beast. Your fleshly body is the beast, and everybody is going to wonder after the flesh. They’re already doing it. They’ll be eating and drinking. They’ll be frolicking. They’ll be down at the beaches. They’ll be painting their lips, bobbing their hair. They’ll be dancing and having a frolic. They’ll be stripping off. All of that in the latter times because the world wondered after the beast. All of the world wondered after the beast.

I want to follow after the Spirit, don’t you? I don’t want to follow after the beastly part, I want to follow after the Spirit. Let’s follow after the Spirit. If we walk in the Spirit, we shall not fulfill the lust of the beast. Let’s walk in the Spirit and God will change our vile, wretched bodies into the glorious image of the lovely Son of God. Even as we have born the image of Adam, the earthly, so shall we bear the image of Jesus Christ, the heavenly. “If this tabernacle be dissolved,” Peter said, “We have another one eternal in the heavens not made with hands.” That tabernacle you have now will be dissolved, but I want you to know that there is another tabernacle, which is the body of Jesus Christ, in the Spirit. The Spirit is heaven and the house is the body of Jesus. “In My Father’s house,” He said, “there are many mansions.”

If we do not grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, then my efforts here have been in vain because you have not come to what Christ has for you. It’s not in vain in that I am here for a spiritual purpose and not just to tell you about Jesus, but if you go to meetings and people do not preach things that make you grow and make you understand, you’ve wasted your time and he’s wasted his time. If he took your money, then he took your money for naught because he isn’t doing anything and you’re supporting a cause that is of no value to the people.

I want to help you grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus, to the full measure of the full stature of the perfect man Christ Jesus. We could say a lot more tonight concerning the Little White House, concerning why we’re here, and drop in a little bit of something personal that we see or some present day truth, something that’s unveiling itself for this hour. While we’re doing that, we want to indoctrinate you with what you can expect and what you can look for.

We had a vision recently, where we looked and we saw a big white polar bear sitting down on his haunches. We looked, and coming towards the bear, we saw two hunters that were walking along very hurriedly with guns in their hands. We saw the sunshine very bright, and the shadows moving towards the bear. As that shadow moves along, I could see those hunters were trying their best to get over to a serpent before he struck this polar bear, for lying right beside the great white polar bear, there was a great big serpent, and he was looking straight at the polar bear, and he had his eyes trained on him. There was not one instant where he even had a flicker in his eyes that would take him away from watching his prey.

These hunters were trying to get there to kill the serpent before he struck the bear, because they realized the danger of the bear once the serpent had put the venom in him. So, these hunters were walking along, and the shadow was moving, and all of a sudden, before these hunters could get to him, the shadow hit the polar bear. It was obvious to me that the serpent had been waiting for the evening shadow to fall over that polar bear before he struck him, because the very instant that the shadow fell over the polar bear, I saw the serpent strike him. Immediately, I saw the polar bear go into a rage. He went mad. He went wild. There was nothing safe around him anywhere.

While I was watching this horrible thing that was about to take place, I had my children and my wife, and I took them and set them up on a mantel, just like an old-fashioned mantel, where you build a fire in the fireplace. I got them up on the mantel and they were safe from this polar bear. When I came out of the vision, I didn’t understand what it was. The Lord began to revelate it and showed me that when this thing took place, that the mantel had to do with the Spirit of Christ, which was the mantle that came back from Elijah to Elisha, and that God, through this message, would take the family of God and the household of faith and put them up on this mantel at the very same time this thing would happen.

China shows the great serpent, the red dragon, ruled by Communism. Communism struck at Russia. Russia is the one that let us have Alaska, going back to the polar bear. They lift up the great bear. This serpent waited for the evening shadows to fall and struck at that great bear. Russia became enraged, and if something doesn’t happen, if that thing goes wild, the whole world will be destroyed by that thing. At the same time, the people that are hearing this message are on the mantel and safe from that, ready for the rapture to get out of this world where it cannot touch them. It’s a true fact that everything is just right for the destruction of the world.

The end of the world is at hand, and God has changed the government from the world over into the hands of the saints of God. Now, you can’t believe that. Those that are not spiritual could never believe it. The government that God instigated in the earth, at the beginning, that has been of the mind of mankind, which mind is a wilderness, God is now taking that government out of the mind of man, out of the wilderness, and bringing it into the mind of Jesus Christ, which is in the sons of God, and He is establishing a world government. While they try to establish a world government and cry, “Peace,” they don’t get their world order, but rather sudden destruction shall come upon them without warning.

It is a true fact that God has made a radical change. It is a fact that the government has been changed over to the sons of God. The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our God, and it will be made manifest in just a little while. The Holy Scriptures declared they were the kingdoms of our God, and I’m here to bear witness to the truth and tell you that He did not lie when He said it. It happened just exactly the way He said it, and now we’re in the evening time and everything is at a close.

When President Jimmy Carter praised Elvis Presley, the one who corrupted the world, God despised that! When Jimmy Carter said that he thought Elvis Presley was a great person, God despised that! I said, “God hath rejected the nation because of that.” God did, because immediately the Communist flag went up in the United States and the nation turned Communist. You say, “I don’t believe that.” Jimmy then favored a killer, went to China and brought him back over here. So then, you see how that God despised and rejected it. God has favored the American government all down through the years since He first started it. Though it has had problems and has gone through great times of trouble, yet God never rejected it. Even in the days of Washington, He showed how He favored the government and would still raise it up in the end time.

But God will not go along with the Communist government. The Communist government is of the devil, and God has no part in it and God doth not call it His government. When Communism came in, God rejected America and rejected the government and changed His government over to the saints of God. You may not know about that, but nevertheless, it was that way. God has never just snatched a government out, but He always changes it over. It would cause confusion if God just snatched the government out and let everything collapse. He never does that. He always has a change, a transformating change, that is in progress, that takes place gradually, and when God rejects one thing, He’s already got another thing established. It’s always that way.

So then, God has made a change. We’re here tonight to declare that the change has been made. God has been doing it for a long time now. He has hid it from the eyes of the wise and prudent, made it revelation unto babes such as will learn. God has done something in the earth. He has established something in the earth, something great and mighty. God hath made a change, and the American government is finished and gone and the world government is finished and gone. God followed that government, stayed with that government, protected that government, until it went to Communism and then God rejected it.

It doesn’t mean that God rejected that government in the sense that God just took the government and moved it on to its next cycle. But He rejected it in that the next step was to be a spiritual application of it to the saints of God, to preserve it, that at the same time that He was preserving it among the saints, He would bring about the peace treaty between the United States and between Israel that He might move the government in its natural form back over to the land of Israel for the coming in of the millennium.

So then, something has taken place and God has rejected the whole thing. It also means, at the same time that these things transpire, that God has rejected the church world. The Baptist, the Methodist, the Presbyterian, the Church of God, the United Pentecostal Church, the Pentecostal, every church organization in the world, God has rejected it. Now the sons of God have come into view and from now on, God will deal with the sons of God and He will raise up the sons of God and He will move in His form of government. Not just in the spiritual and not just in the natural, these having been separated, but He will bring them together, which has always been God’s desire. They’ve always been separated, but God is going to bring them together. In bringing them together, it’s going to bring in the millennium government.

The world has reached the end of the trail. It’s gone. Babylon the great is fallen. She’s become the den or cage of every unclean and hateful bird. Her merchandise is no more good. Babylon is fallen. America has become a great Babylon. There was a time when you could say, “I understand the law.” There was a time when you could understand your rights. There was a time when you could understand religion. But in the world today, you can’t understand anything anymore. It’s one big, Babylonian mess. You don’t know what your lawful rights are. You don’t know what the government’s going to do. You don’t know whether you own your children or the government owns your children. You don’t know whether they’re going to put you in jail or whether you’re going to stay out of jail. You don’t know anything anymore. It’s one big Babylonian mess. Babylon the great is fallen. The cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

But, in the midst of it all, the strong arm of God has been lifted up. George Washington said, “I saw it go down, but I saw the divine intervention that raised the economy up to establish it.” He said that it looked like a divine intervention to him, but he said it was raised up to never go down again. God has picked it up to transfer it through about seven years of bad government on into the millennium.

There’s a great mistake when people teach that the millennium is going to be the new earth. The millennium certainly is not the new earth. The millennium is this very earth that you’re walking on right now. The thousand year reign with God is the restored earth, not the new earth. It is the restored earth where God restores everything that’s ever become extinct, everything that’s ever passed away. God restores it. After He restores it, then He glorifies it to bring it into its celestial condition so His creation will never be abused or lost again.

He must restore it all and bring it into its perfect condition. He’ll restore your health, your youth, your happiness. He’ll restore everything that’s precious and dear to you. Everything that you’ve ever loved, God will restore it to you. The millennium is this earth right here. Not the world system, for this world must pass away, but this earth" therefore there must be a government that will continue. All this government does is pass through a period of bad time, for it was said in Nebuchadnezzar’s day, “Cut down the tree, let seven times pass over it, leave the stump that it may grow again.” John the Baptist came with the axe. He said, “The axe is laid to the root of the tree.” He cut down the tree and Israel showed it. Seven church ages, seven years of tribulation, were to pass over it, and then it will grow again.

So then, it is a true fact that it will pass through. It will pass through a few years of misfortune and then after that, flourish. But it must be established before the tribulation period. It must be established before the tribulation period and then it will pass through the tribulation period to rise and to never fall again. Previewed before, established afterwards. Previewed before, seen clearly by the saints of God. But when the world recognizes it and its glories and its beauties and they reach to get it, it will slip away. It’ll slip away. Like the song said, “I’ll slip away home, hallelujah, I’ll be going home.”

By Rev. George Leon Pike Sr.

Founder and first President of Jesus Christ’s Eternal Kingdom of Abundant Life, Inc.

Holiness Unto The Lord