20th Century Proverbs

Eternal life does not come by chance; the price was paid at Calvary.

Even though a man may not know what tomorrow holds, the least he can do is to make provisions for his expectations.

When you cannot find a solution to your problems, then give the Lord a try.

When famine is in the land, it is too late to consider the cause; but consideration may prove to be the remedy for future prevention.

When you are wrecked by the misfortunes of life, don’t quit; for experience is the world’s best teacher.

Life is your most fragile possession, but so many people treat it as if it has no end.

Your carelessness and neglect is a mold of responsibility that another man must shoulder.

Life without Christ is a hopeless and endless eternity.

Persistence is no proof of victory; but so often, it is a great aid to one’s desire.

Defeat of purpose brings weariness of heart; but to consider the cause can be the means of overcoming.

So often, the cause of disaster is the cause of disobedience.

The desire for worldly gain can be a great snare to the human soul.

Death is a grim reaper; but, in Christ, there is hope beyond the grave.

To follow one’s passion is to plan your own funeral, and to find full assurance of death.

Proper expressions can be the road to great treasure.

The mouth is a gateway to heaven or hell.

Understanding is life to those who find it, but a bottomless pit to those who refuse instruction.

God’s love in a human heart is the only way He might direct your path.

Life is your most precious possession, and, at death, your greatest loss is recognized.

Proverbial expressions or indirect speech may be found to be the solution of one’s problem, and the way to avoid offense to the salvation or saving of a soul.

In the time of a fire, one cannot move the well; but a little forethought can be the means whereby the flames are quenched.

A hungry dog will bite, but not if he perceives the satisfying of his appetite.

It is better to quench one’s thirst by the act of wisdom than to suffer a lifelong enemy.

Godly expectations could be the means of prosperity, but when selfishness comes, it interrupts the whole program.

Hope deferred will sadden the heart, but through the act of effort, one may find the satisfying of his soul.

Do not mistreat a stranger, for, collectively speaking, you may not know who your visitor is.

When the storms of life come upon you, it is too late to escape; but if more effort of prevention was offered, then less damage would be accounted for afterward.

Whosoever speaks because he feels there is much to say is taken by the snare of his own lips, and the lack of understanding identifies him as a fool.

To agree with a person, when you know he is in error, is a sure way to trouble your own soul.

Even though life does not consist of the abundance of one’s riches, yet the means of plenty can offer much convenience to the needy.

When your strength is not sufficient for the task, through understanding, a remedy may be found.

The practice of folly will breed foolishness; but without darkness, there is no development of light.

Poverty is no proof of defeat, for through much effort, conditions can be changed.

Success does not depend on one’s ability, for men of great understanding have never found the secret.

The loss of one’s honor is a great disaster, but the cause may be found when you consider your negligence.

The true foundation of life is God, and to build upon truth is to become exceedingly rich.

It is better to die for a worthy cause than to live under the restraint of evil.

Let him that kindleth the fire of anxiety and contention beware, lest he, himself be consumed thereby.

To make known to the human mind that which is unknown, you must use the known for a formula.

He that considereth the cause of the poor shall be esteemed as great treasure in the eyes of the Master.

The deeper the water, the greater the challenge; but the pearl of great price shall not be found in shallow places.

Natural expression is only a veil or covering in which God carefully conceals or hides His treasures.

A proverbial thought is the hidden expression of God.

It is a true fact that a man who does not seek wisdom and understanding will, in process of time, discover that he has defeated his own cause.

Faith is the result of serving God.

Faith is a subconscious expectation of God’s gifts and rewards toward humanity.

The positive is the inner man, while the negative is the outer man; therefore, the transition from one to the other is the in between.

Two of the greatest twins in the world are knowledge and effort.

God is good out of desire, but He brings judgment out of necessity.

Comprehended truth can do nothing but bring results.

By Rev. George Leon Pike Sr.

Founder and first President of Jesus Christ’s Eternal Kingdom of Abundant Life, Inc.

Holiness Unto The Lord