In the book of Hebrews we are told by the apostle Paul that we are to go on to perfection (Hebrews 6:1); to be perfect; that we should come to the fullness of the stature of the perfect man, Christ Jesus. The Scriptures state be ye perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect, and that no man shall be above his master, but everyone that would be perfect shall be as his master.

Christ was the head or the first member of the body of God; God, the Word or Spirit, manifested in the fleshly body of many members. Christ, through His own righteousness or works, which was God within Him, obtained the first and head office of this bodily ministry. We obtain offices as members of the body of Christ through Christ. Christ (the Word) prepared a body of many members for the Spirit of God to dwell in. Heaven is His throne and earth is His footstool. This body is to rule heaven and earth. God will come back after a church without spot or blemish. This means, of course, that each member will be purified and every member, having come together in its right place, will be perfectly whole. We are perfect in the inward man by His works of righteousness. The faith of Christ in our hearts is imputed unto us for righteousness, the kingdom of God being within us, and we in it by translation. That was Christ’s works, but the creature, which is our body, must receive the glorious liberties of our God. Our labor and travail or duty to God is to perfect the outer man; Christ being revealed in His saints. The body is changed by this appearing from terrestrial to celestial. Glorification is what we mean.

God has perfected forever them that are sanctified; sanctified them once and for all by the offering up of Jesus Christ on the tree. He has justified, predestinated and glorified His elect, made them elect according to foreknowledge, and sealed them unto the day of redemption. Now, nothing can separate them from God.

Have you ever noticed the children around us running and jumping, playing, laughing, or singing? Have you noticed the people at the ball games hollering, shouting for the children at their play? The life of the church is for spiritual children to shout, speak with tongues, prophesy and enjoy the milk of the Word, the rain on the just and the unjust.

There is more to do than that. “The parents are to lay up for the children, and not the children for the parents,” Paul said. The ministry, as parents, are those who are full of age. To them God says, “Let there be meat in My house, both bread and drink.” The meat is for the strong, they who are full of age, who, by reasoning, have exercised their senses to be able to discern good and evil, between the just and the unjust, or between the tare and the wheat, with knowledge, in order to protect the children. Don’t stop the children from their play. Don’t take away the natural ordinances of the Bible, such as foot washing, the Lord’s Supper, etc. Though these are only allegories or types and shadows of the spiritual revelation that Christ intends for us to receive, yet they are the steps or the entrance through which the children come. We are within the revelation, and some day the steps (natural) will be taken away so that others cannot find their way in. This is gradually taking place now, the closing of the door to the Gentiles, when all the children are in the ark, or have come in for rest from the night. Spiritual ignorance or darkness will fall and the door of allegories shall close. These things won’t be practiced or explained anymore by the ministry. The voice of the bridegroom shall no more be heard in the city. The same rain, nourishing wheat and tares, is life to both, but their harvest reveals their nature. One is meat for whom it is dressed, the owner; while the other is burned in the fire. Christ’s nature of life is in the wheat. The satanic nature, that is ever pricking people in their hearts, is in the tare.

Just as Saul, when the Spirit of God departed from him, went up to Ramoth-Gilead with murder in his heart to kill David; then in the presence of the prophets, the spiritual rain falling upon the just and the unjust caused him to prophesy like the rest. Balaam loved the wages of unrighteousness, yet the rain of God brought him visions. Many people follow this way of Balaam. Ministers of Satan are transforming themselves by the renewing of their minds to minister the words of light.

People in double marriages and women preachers, along with many other things, this being condemned by God, the Word, through His biblical expressions; like Balaam, they are asking again, saying that the Spirit said go ahead. God said, “Go ahead, Balaam, to your own destruction.”

We, as Christians, like little suns, have our own light, while wandering stars, who are reflectors, hold no post of duty. The mist of darkness is reserved for them forever. Like Judas, they are among us in the natural religious aspects of the Bible for fame and popularity, prestige or money, but like Pharaoh at the Red Sea, the blood line swallows them up; Satan within the fleshly blood line, called the red dragon. In the natural aspect, the chain of red communism filling all the earth is called the serpent or red dragon that was cast out of heaven in the book of Revelation. It is like a stream of water and is called the serpent because of the crooked and perverse generation in which it flows. Satan contaminated that first blood line of Adam, replacing life by his own self, the spirit of death, to kill all generations. Even a baby is born in sin, having the spirit within him, because all nations are of one blood. Jesus, at Calvary, stopped this wicked stream of death by spilling it upon the earth once and for all, starting a new generation, a new blood line, and yet not blood, but a spiritual people who live not dependent upon blood, the Spirit being in them by the innocent blood that Satan had never defiled, which Judas recognized (Satan within Judas), crying out, “I have betrayed innocent blood.” Jesus said, “Satan has no part in Me.”

The Spirit within this blood line was God returning to humanity after He was driven out of humanity in the garden. Overpowering the lust and corruption of blood by translation, He was bringing man back to his original or celestial body. Man had to fall for God to process him and bring him to be a God like Himself. He had to expose him to good and evil that he might have power of choice to accept the one and refuse the other by his own will, and to master all of the appetites of the beastly body, bringing them to temperance by developing the nature of Christ, proving them to be sons of God rather than just merely beastly creatures. We were subjected to vanity with the hope of glory within us, even Christ Jesus, by foreknowledge; or, that is to say, there is no sin of the soul for the predestinated, for the sin of the soul is a willful transgression, and God preserved them from that sin by His own bodily sacrifice of Jesus Christ; while He allowed the others to commit the sin of the soul, having seen each man’s desire. There is no hope for them. The soul that sinneth is dead eternally. We, having sinned in the flesh, had a fleshly body of atonement which took away sin in the flesh.

Like God falls on the just and the unjust, Satan also falls on the just and the unjust, for darkness falls on both, for, as God is within us, Satan is within them, hence two different natures. As God is on them, Satan is oppressing us from without through the five senses of the flesh. Jesus ended this at Calvary; made us His body in righteousness, became our body in sin; thus destroying the sinful body of humanity once and for all. Sin and corruption is in the flesh. A Christian cannot sin. There is no will to sin. His sins or transgressions are from oppression. It is not his nature, so it is not imputed unto him.

This work of perfection that we speak of shows that parents must work so that there will be spiritual meat on the table at meal time. The children are unconcerned and busy at play.

Paul said, “I speak to them that be perfect.” As many as be perfect, be thus minded, let’s be moderate in all things. We could have a funeral march or a rock and roll party, but let’s surrender and have moderation in church activities. As soldiers, let us be strong by feeding off of the meat of the Word. Meat is not fattening, but too much milk and dessert has made a fat lazy church called the Laodiceans, but the laborer is worthy of his hire. Let’s quit like men: not when we are tired, but men must finish the day’s labor so that there will be food at home. Remember, charity is the perfecting bond that ties each stone together, as a mortar that makes part come to part, member to member, making the body perfectly whole, the perfect church. Parts will be swallowed up in wholeness or perfection. We will know everything instead of knowing in part. When that which is perfect is come in its fullness, God, the Spirit of love, you will share your part with me and I will share my part with you. The revelation of each member of the body completes the mind of Christ within us. Love is perfecting as it draws together. We have the Spirit in measure or part as individuals, but we have it in its fullness of power and revelation when we become one in strength and body, all in one mind as at Pentecost, the mind of Christ, all in one accord to do the will of God. Then, the Spirit, as a mighty rushing wind, shall fill all this spiritual house, and our word shall be a devouring tongue of fire. Our deeds shall be mighty, God working with us, confirming the ministry with signs and wonders following us. Faith worketh by love. There is no condemnation to them that love. Faith is perfect. It is unhindered by accusation, because love worketh no ill to its neighbor; leaves no room for guilt; but it is the bond of perfectness. Faith unhindered, perfect and not in part, is no longer human faith, but the faith of Christ, through which the Spirit of God flows freely, unhindered to do its work, translating the body. Perfect knowledge manifests perfect love. Perfect love means perfect faith. Perfect faith means perfect power.

Friend, this is the end of the world. The age of perfection is here. All natural, physical and spiritual things have at last reached perfection. The spiritual parallels the natural, and the natural progress of mankind in this world is a revealer of the spiritual. Paul said, “All the invisible things of God from the creation of the world are understood by the things which do appear.” The natural is the counterpart or the allegory of the spiritual, or the veil of the Spirit. The veil is removed in the mind of Christ, and everything is revelation; the natural for the natural man, which is the body of the beast; the spiritual for the spiritual man, which is the Christian. God having set man in a primitive world when He put him out of the garden to search out his life or means of livelihood with each new invention or discovery, or daily progress through these means, revealing Himself to man until man finds his way back to perfectness and the comforts that God wanted him to have from the beginning.

God, in the invisible world, is unveiled as He takes away the covering of the natural, like the egg within the shell. Man has progressed unto perfection. We see something in this. Angelic beings or fallen angels, who live on a higher plane than man, have woven themselves with the spirit of man, and the thoughts of man have become angelic. These angels require a higher plane of living. They have driven man to perfection in natural things for their own convenience. This means that which is perfect is ready to be revealed, for fallen angels are still pressing for heavenly comforts, thus man is changing into a spiritual being with a satanic nature or a godly nature. Flesh is at an end. It will be spiritual conquest from here out. Jesus led natural Israel, just like Moses to the crossing of Jordan, but that which was spiritual, which was the Holy Ghost, took over where the flesh left off.

Joshua was an allegory of this crossing of Jordan. Jordan, a type of death, being a national boundary line, types the spiritual boundary line between heaven and earth. That is why Christ chose it. Running its course like a serpent, it empties into the Dead Sea, showing hell, or rather, death, emptying into the lake of fire.

The natural word has brought us thus far, but the natural be longs to the natural. Now, the spiritual word of revelation must take us on over Jordan to the Canaan land. The brute beasts, or Egyptians, cannot go beyond this point. Jesus said, “Flesh and blood has not revealed this unto thee, but it was the Spirit.” Intellectual theology will fail, but revelation will do the job. This is the knowledge that translates, crossing from flesh to Spirit (Egypt, the wilderness, the Canaan land). This is the natural, or first dimension; physically speaking, it is from sight to reasoning, from reasoning to faith. The reasoning is where the serpents are, with thoughts of disillusioning fear and torment. Demon spirits present themselves in the form of thoughts. By spiritual impression of the five senses of the body, they enter the human mind, transforming themselves into human thoughts. They become one with your thinking or spirit, control your body, and sap your temporal life, keeping your inward man in a prison while he starves. They live your life for you like a tick on a dog, a leach, a tare, or a vine that wraps itself about a tree and saps the life from it.

Spiritually, we find earth; and Satan’s kingdom between heaven and earth; and then, heaven. These angelic beings, pressing for heavenly comforts, are to be likened unto our rocket age. We, as ministers, are God’s scientists who search out the invisible, for, we know in part until we bring forth the whole, or until that which is perfect is come. By these means scientists perfect a modern world, thus eliminating the old world which is now in existence. It is not you that speaks, but your heavenly Father, or the anointing that abideth within you, which teaches you all things. God spoke the world into existence by His Word; by the mouth of His ministry, He is speaking it out of existence.

Time elements shall be no more. The one eternal day that was from the beginning with God, before He ever set up the garden and time elements, shall soon emerge again; the angel, setting one foot on the land and one on the sea, and a man who can live in the flesh, which we would call the land, having understanding of both, and like Paul or William Branham, be absent from the body and present with God; declaring the end of time, as our brother did, pinning it down to the year of 1977 for the millennium and 1974 for the rapture. We can throw our time elements and markers, such as calendars and clocks, into the sea. The time creature needs time markers, but sons of God are eternal. They do not mark time; they have eternity for their desire.

In this rocket age in which we live, you see spiritual men breaking the gravitational powers of sin and worldly lust, going into the heavenlies to find the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Like the spies that spied out the land of Canaan and brought back their report, we must encourage the hearts of the people. The giants are big, but the grapes are beautiful. It is a land of milk and honey. We are made a little lower than the angels, and the fallen angels stand between us and the land. They are giants, but our God is able. Let’s take the land. Wherever we set our foot, He said He would give it to us. He told Joshua to be of a good courage. Jesus said, “Fear not, only believe. All things are possible to them that believe.” As these ministers under the anointing go into spiritual orbit, being absent from the body, as Paul the apostle; through the medium of this body, they transmit their heavenly discoveries back to the viewer or those who are watching, while they project Christ upon the screen of their life. If we can lift up the antennae of our faith, we will be enlightened to comprehend the height, depth and width. In this last day, men shall see visions.

The carnal mind, with its gravitational powers and desires, can no longer hold our spirit. The fire of God within us has created a spiritual burning and a blast that separates the carcass from the inner man, and he is homeward bound. The great spiritual conquest is on. We are the qualified and chosen of our generation. We are God’s great commanders and generals, His leading politicians, ambassadors for Christ. Like the movie stars of Hollywood, who are only allegories of sons of God, we are the true stars, playing the leading role. As they commemorate or reproduce the great men of the west in their life and character, they are only an image, pointing to the sons of God, who are reproducing in their lives the role of Elijah and Moses in commemoration of these great frontiersmen who fought courageously to bring God’s civilization to safety, to a modern world of perfection.

We are near the end time. The change is upon us. Two in the field, one being raptured by spiritual revelation into the heavenlies or the mind of Christ, and one left to face tribulation. He shortened the days for the elect’s sake, coming at Pentecost in His appearing in the saints, that His coming to the world might be unto judgment, but unto His temple, whose temple you are, unto salvation unto them that look for Him. Jesus said, “I’ve chosen you out of this world. You are not of this world, even as I am not of this world.”

Having been translated into the marvelous kingdom of our God, we are in heaven with Him; hid with Christ in God, whom the heavens have received, unto the restoring (restitution) of all things, which is now at hand. The sons of God are being revealed. They are spiritual sons, made manifest in the flesh as their Father was, that people might see and recognize them. Being superior in faith, knowledge and wisdom, superior in power, life, strength and health, they will correct the perversion, changing this perverted system and perverted world into its original form. The whole creation groaneth in a prison of perversion, awaiting the manifestation of these sons of God, when all the members of the body are caught up into the heavenly revelation, then, the door of the ark, the door to the Gentiles will be closed, turning back to the spiritual Jew in revelation. As a Spirit, He will leave off with the revival of the world. The turning to the natural Jew marks the closing of the door to the Gentiles, as does the turning to the spiritual Jew; to the Jews naturally and to us spiritually. Like a room filled with gasoline, we will all be inside, His Spirit filling all in all; and, just as Joseph showed himself to Benjamin first, Jesus will reveal Himself unto us, the bride. This is the flame that will ignite the gas-filled (Spirit filled) room, causing a change in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye.

To the natural Jew, or the rest of the brethren, He will then show Himself, while we feast at the marriage supper of the Lamb, having been baptized by one Spirit birth that was released from His wounded side, and baptized into His body as a member.

Remember that Satan is finished. Like a fire that has been set in a forest, the spirit of lust hath consumed the dry trees, but we are full of sap, Jesus said. The trees of God have been scarce and so few that a child can count them, but life within us will heal the wound. Strait is the gate and narrow is the way, and, only the elect or the few will find it. Jesus, the Word, is the way of revelation to heaven.

Satan has done all that he can do to seduce us, but God has immunized us to his poisonous lust by the revealing of lust gradually, giving us the nature of Christ within to overcome. Lust now is at its all time high. We have seen it all; the complete exposure and disrobing of humanity, yet we have survived by spiritual resistance and godly strength to say no. Satan, depending on secrecy and gradual exposure to conquer the human mind, at last, has no more strength. He had grown strong, getting his strength by the law through the means of accusation, creating fear and killing faith, but now he is finished. We have seen it all, but we have overcome. Holding our faith in Christ’s righteousness unto the end, has put Satan’s accusations to an end, having nothing left to show us of the lust of the world, to create a hunger or desire in our hearts, and leaving him nothing to tempt us with or to accuse us by, for the law is fulfilled by love in our hearts. Thus, we have escaped the web of Satan, being justified by faith all the way.

Coming to perfection means leaving the foundation of repentance, a perfect state of love that needs no repentance over and over; not trying to live on yesterday’s manna, but getting new manna every day. The message for yesterday’s generation should be only a foundation for today’s revelation.

If you preach yesterday’s message, it will not be anointed. Today’s message will do a new thing. Give yesterday’s message to the generation or people who are in line for yesterday’s message. If a man has repented and been baptized in Jesus’ name, take him a little farther into the Scriptures, or else, you will breed worms with a dead printed word that is not anointed with the Spirit of life. Feed each one according to his birth and age, as we grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Let perfection be our goal, for if we sin willfully after we have come to the knowledge of the truth, this is not backsliding, but the great falling away for the last days, because knowledge was to increase. Christ would have to be crucified the second time, for where there is knowledge of wrong, it is sin, and you are only allowed the atonement of the blood for sins in your life when you did not know right from wrong. If you willfully and desiringly do wrong, you must reap every wrong. The blood will not cover it.

As the truth is revealed to you, put sin away, or the light will become judgment rather than salvation, and it will be darkness. Walk in the light as it shines on your path. Grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Come into the fullness of the stature of the man, Christ Jesus. Amen.

By Rev. George Leon Pike Sr.

Founder and first President of Jesus Christ’s Eternal Kingdom of Abundant Life, Inc.

Holiness Unto The Lord