The Anointed Word

A Special Word from the Author

To acknowledge the Lord Jesus in all of your ways is to have Him to direct your pathway of life. All of the paths of God are peace. The Scriptures tell us that if we keep our minds stayed upon Christ Jesus, we shall have perfect peach; that our hearts shall be fixed and evil tidings shall not trouble us.

We are told that the angels of the Lord encamp about us, that we may be delivered in the time of trouble. When we speak of the consolation of our faith in Christ, perhaps the thought would arise, “What is meant by ‘The Anointed Word’?” As the body without the spirit is dead, so then, the Word, being made flesh, and the Word, being Spirit; our lives conforming to this Word; thus, the Spirit comes into our lives in the form of the hearing of the Word. We, being changed from glory unto glory at the unveiling of the mystery of the Word; the conception of the heart, of the seed of the Word, changes our flesh from terrestrial to celestial.

So then, our body is no longer dead, separated from God, but rather, it is activated by His presence and is alive forever more. Having been changed by faith in Christ, we have become a quickening spirit and have passed from death unto life.

The letter, then, of the law that killeth, has therefore, by Calvary and the sacrifice of the Son of God, been seasoned with the element of grace unto eternal life; this grace being shed abroad upon all flesh. Through this, we are quickened by His Spirit. The will and desire to resist Him has been eradicated from our lives, and the consciousness of sin is completely gone forever.

The Anointed Word

What is meant by the anointed Word? It is like a man who plows a field. He may have a good field and it may be fertile, but he must break up the fallow ground. As Christians, we are told to do this to our hearts. Then, he must drag off the weeds and pulverize the soil until it is soft. A hard-hearted person will never be fertile soil for God’s Word or seed. When the soil is ready, then you sow the grain. When the seed is thoroughly covered, then we wait for the water from heaven to water it that we might bring forth our harvest of the fruits of joy and righteousness unto God. The seed is in the soul, but to bring it to life, it takes the rain. Paul said that before a seed can reproduce, it must fall to the ground and die. Then, when the outer crust of the seed is broken, the life will be revealed. As one seed, Jesus fell into the earth and died, but the spiritual rain of God’s Spirit brought Him forth with new life that was eternal, and many other grains or sons of God with Him.

Many people are becoming more and more like Christ. When we, by the Word of God, die out to self-will and personal desires, being crucified with Christ, we become God’s resurrected Christ, His Word made manifest in the flesh. Jesus was God’s Word made manifest in the flesh individually, but we are a body of many members, the Word made manifest in the flesh collectively speaking, Christ being made the head of this body. The Jews were God’s chosen people or the church in the wilderness. As one nation, they were God’s seed to bring forth an international harvest of many nations, a world-wide church. One Jewish nation fell into the earth as martyrs and there came forth an international harvest of spiritual Jews. One seed nation brought forth many grain nations; thus the church was born, because they were willing to die. One Catholic denomination died with their teachings of trinity, when Martin Luther came forth. Many Protestant denominations were born from that Catholic seed. All being daughters of the great whore, Satan gave her seed and bastard children were born into the world, having no heavenly Father, some being Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, so-called Pentecostals and many others. The doxology of the Presbyterian Church, along with themselves, claims the Baptist, the Methodist, with a few others, to be the Catholic Church.

The Bible tells us that each seed produces after its own kind. What is put in the ground must come up. The Spirit waters them and, during the time of their early growth, they are full of the same life, but their natures are different, and the harvest reveals the nature. In the parable, Jesus said that the end of the world was the harvest. We are now in the end, and God’s anointed ministers or angels are separating the wheat from the tares. Every plant that the heavenly Father has not planted by the Word seed is plucked up, bound in denominational bundles and cast into the National Council of Churches, into the fiery indignation of God’s wrath that shall consume the Church of Rome.

One seed in the womb of the woman and triplets can come forth. The true elect seed of Pentecost, in that Peter taught heart-felt repentance and baptism in Jesus’ name, the infilling of the Holy Ghost, healing of the sick, and remission of sins, became a martyr. Pagan Rome killed it and took it over by natural interpretation of the Word. They instigated dogmas and theology and, by the same tree of knowledge, brought forth the carnal mind which is enmity to God, to give birth to trinity children whose hearts are filled with the love of the world and the lust of the flesh, having been born into the world without any heavenly Father. But, the martyred church is now giving forth her harvest, having been resurrected, the true elect of God, them that are called by His name, who know that the name of the Lord is a strong tower and run into it for safety. Christ, the Word, being the first and the last, was predestined to yield His harvest at the end time, first at Pentecost and last, at the end of the world. The world revival of tares is over. The true, one God restoration is here. He was the beginning and He is the end. All that remains is the lukewarm that had their revival in between the beginning and the end.

The Word of God that was in Elijah’s mouth was Jesus Christ, the same, yesterday, today and forever. It raised the dead in his day, and it does the same in our day, when anointed by the Spirit. It cannot be altered or changed. It is settled in heaven. By His Word He created the world. By His Word He cast out the unclean spirits. He sent His Word and healed them. It is without alteration to all generations, but only a dead form of printed matter that brings judgment to the reader by knowledge of righteousness, to know and not to do; but Spirit, power and life, when it goes into the human spirit or heart, being made flesh in mortal man. God preserved His Word all down through the ages.

Some folks are afraid to trust God’s Word, but the Bible tells us that all the promises of God are yea and amen. The Scriptures cannot be broken. God is not slack concerning His promises, but will watch over His Word and hasten to perform it. He is the Word. If by unbelief we deny Him, He remains faithful and cannot deny Himself. The Jews had the Word, Paul said, but it was not mixed with faith and did not profit them because it was without the spiritual anointing. When anointed, God’s Word will not return unto Him void, but will accomplish that which He pleases, and will prosper in that whereunto He has sent it. Without faith, the Word is not watered by the Spirit, and without works of righteousness, which are produced by the true nature of Christ within man, brought about by the new birth, your faith lies dead and cannot produce. When rain comes on the seed it will give forth its harvest. It is Spirit and it is life. It is power. God made His Word flesh in Adam’s day. The Word, being life, was shown as temporal life. Adam, as a temporal seed, had to die so that Christ, the second Adam, might be reproduced as the eternal seed of God. So, His life-seed was preserved in flesh until man became so wicked that the spiritual life had to withdraw, because Satan had taken the seed into bondage. Briars, thorns, wretched vines of demon spirits and sicknesses, along with fears and doubts, entangled man and killed him. After Moses and Elijah were gone, God had to preserve His Word by the printed page. Though it was dead, yet He would bring forth Christ to atone for men’s sins. So, as grace came, the Word could once again be made flesh, to write His laws upon the table of men’s hearts. The printed Word is now being changed into human thoughts. This develops the nature of Jesus Christ. This nature is then set on fire by the Spirit and anointing of God and reproduces Christ in a man’s life. To change his makeup and his body or the atoms and blood genes into a celestial body, his faith is resurrected. The knowledge of fearful corruption of death, through cancer and such like diseases is completely eradicated, being replaced by thoughts which are the Word of God, the knowledge of truth and Spirit, promises of joy and inspiration that maketh a cheerful heart, giving an eternal inspiration of joy, while it completely dispels gloom and thoughts of despondency which causes old age, fatigue of body and mind, and soon wears man out. Thus, by new birth, He renews our youth and sets us in a stream of new living by the faith that was once delivered unto the saints, the supernatural, unwavering faith of Jesus Christ, the Word.

If the Word is not alive in your life in power, it is because your faith is dead from lack of works of righteousness, and is not being watered by the rain of the Spirit of life. “My words,” Jesus said, “are Spirit and life.” Since men have recognized grace, they are beginning to believe and, the rain coming on the just and the unjust, allows false christs to come on the scene who have no godly works, but take advantage of the works of grace that Christ gave. Grace gives them opportunity to eliminate their own works, and they mix their faith with grace and do mighty miracles by the Spirit of God, but their lives as Christians are false. Like Balaam, they love the wages of unrighteousness. For worldly fame and money, their motives are wrong. Their nature is not of Christ. Their fruits are bad. They do not preach the Word, but allow demons to shout and sing and rejoice by their ministry, as the rain comes on the just and the unjust through the faith that they have placed in God’s Word, using the works of Jesus Christ by grace; but, when the dispensation of righteousness sets in and grace is eliminated, their false nature will not justify them and produce the works of Christ, thus, the man of perdition will be revealed, just as the law dispensation depended on the grace given to Moses, rather than making the Word that Moses gave them a part of their lives, discovering that when the grace dispensation came, because of the scribes’ insertions and changes in the law, they were not protected from the wrath of God and had not the spiritual light to recognize the Messiah, though they were the religious cult of the day. Christ has hid this from the eyes of the wise and prudent and made it revelation to babes, such as would learn. If it be hid, it is hid to them that are lost. These false christs, as ministers of Satan, transform themselves by the renewing of their minds, offering strange fire before God as Aaron’s sons did. As Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, these withstand godly men of our day, but their folly shall proceed no further. Their evil devices shall be made known, for the manifestation of the true sons of God is at hand. Like Judas, the sons of Satan are numbered with us, but are not of us.

Three dispensations are recognized: one of law for the Jews, one of grace for the Gentiles, and one of righteousness for the elect seed, the children or sons of God. There are four thousand years from Adam unto Christ for the Jew dispensation of law, for God deals with them with the number four; two thousand years from the birth of Jesus to His second coming of grace to the Gentiles, for He deals with them with the number two; one thousand years of millennial reign for the righteousness dispensation to the elect, for God deals with them with the number one: one faith, one God, one baptism, one thousand year reign, etc. The Gentiles want two children, a boy and a girl, two cars, two incomes, two houses, one for home and one for vacation, etc. The Jews had forty years in the wilderness, four thousand years of waiting, and forty days of the flood. You can see how God deals with each dispensation.

Three classes of people fit these three types of worlds: Jew, Gentile and Christian. These are better understood as three religions: Jew, Gentile and Christian. All who reject the Jewish and Christian religions will wander after the beast religion. Your physical realm is the brute beast realm. Your natural is the vegetation realm, while your spiritual is the angelic realm. Blood always signifies fire. There are three witnesses in the earth: water, blood and spirit. Noah’s day of water baptism, of the world of vegetation or natural world, discloses the first witness of water covering the earth. The second witness is seen at the cross, where blood, covering the physical world in atonement, represents the baptism of fire. The third witness appeared at Pentecost, where the baptism of the angelic or spiritual part of man transpired.

Let us discuss the three baptisms of water, fire and spirit. God baptized the first time with water in the four thousand years, while the second baptism was with blood in a war torn universe which shall receive the fire baptism from heaven along with brimstone, which is the two thousand year dispensation. The third is to be in the millennium, which shall be baptized with Spirit. These may be termed as body, soul and spirit baptisms. The blood of Jesus represents the fire for the soul that burns the chaff, which is God’s wrath on man.

The physicians of our day are like the false preachers. Men make themselves sterile so that they cannot give seed, so there will be no travail for the woman. They perform operations on the woman, where there are no children to be born, to show the barren church. False preachers perform this operation by the sword of the Spirit and work the church up in a state of ecstasy, but will not give them the seed of God’s Word to cause travail until Christ be formed in them, but they just take an offering. When Zion travailed she brought forth sons and daughters. “Preach the Word,” Paul said, “be instant, in season, out of season, rebuke and reprove with all longsuffering and doctrine.” The time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, that is, take the seed and travail. The womb will be closed, hence no more children are born into the world or church; the natural showing the spiritual as they parallel. Remember, revelation is always hidden in the natural allegory. Paul said that all the invisible things of God, from the creation of the world, are clearly understood by the things that do appear. So, to find your revelation you must always take the natural things that you see, and everything in this natural world, whatever it might be, along with all the activities of man as a pattern, a blueprint or an allegory, or a veil that covers the spiritual; but it is taken away in the mind of Christ when spiritually discerned, as Paul said, concerning the veil over the people’s face in the reading of the Old Testament.

The womb of the great whore is being closed. The door to the Gentile world is being closed. There is no more revival in the land for the birth of bastard children, through the intellectual concept of Ph.D., etc., but the wombs of the daughters of God are open to the seed (God’s Word) of the sons of God, to cause Zion to travail to bring forth. The daughters of the great whore, with all their Protestant affection, shall be utterly barren, and all of them that have committed whoredom with them shall be cast into the great tribulation which is now at hand. The Bible says that the sons of God shall marry thee as a man does a wife. When the sons of God went in unto the daughters of men, or the churches that were constructed by man, mighty men of renown, such as Elijah and Moses, were born unto them. There are mighty men of renown being revealed in mighty power and demonstration, although the world doesn’t recognize them.

Rejoice, ye heavens and rejoice, ye barren, for the unmarried wife hath more children than the married. We have been in hard travail, but, shall God bring to the birth and not be able to bring forth? Praise His name forever! I say unto you, He shall bring forth speedily. Watch the emerging of the sons of God as they bind the demon powers that have caused the world perversion, for the whole creation is in travail, but the Word of God, in the lips of the sons of God, shall cause a new earth to be born by the spoken Word of God, Christ’s own body or members under the control of Jesus, the head.

John said, “Behold, the tabernacle of God is among men.” We are His temple, His tabernacle, and He walks in us. If the world discerned His body, we could bring healing to them. Because they fail to discern that we are His body, many die or sleep. He has placed His name upon us and returned in these days to build up the fallen down house of David out of you and I, the lively stones; the one that Solomon placed his name upon, and they that looked toward it were healed. We are that lovely city that John saw, built upon the foundations of the apostles. Her gospel light is most precious. There is no darkness in this city, for we are the light of the world. “Turn My people from darkness to light,” God said to Paul. The dark evil knowledge is taking the world. She has been created by the spoken Word. Each lively stone is put in place by God’s Word; the army of Joel, that shall march hand in hand, shall not break ranks, and shall not pierce each other through. There will be no room for proselytes and religious hypocrites who with wrong motives, desire self exaltation, but His name alone will be lifted up. In that day, He alone shall be exalted, and He shall reign forever. Hallelujah! There shall be no end to His kingdom, for the King of kings and Lord of lords, the beginning and the end, the rose of Sharon and the lily of the valley, the bright and morning star, the dayspring from on high has visited His people, and to those that sit in the regions and shadows of darkness, great Light has sprung up. He that was dead is alive forevermore, who has given us the keys to the kingdom. Amen!

The anointed Word in our lives is the living soul. As we live the life of Christ, it is not we that live, but Christ that liveth within us. Paul said, “The life that I now live, I live by the Son of God.” When our every impulse becomes His manifested desire, and our deeds express His image, the Word made flesh in our own body, it will glorify and change us to celestial bodies. We shall have whatsoever we say, for we then abide in Him and He in us, and we can ask whatsoever we will. We are the members of His body. He is the head, God, the Word is the mind, and the Holy Ghost is the life of this body. Thus, we become God made manifest, collectively speaking, a body ministry. When each member comes to the body, this body will then stand up in the earth, take the kingdom and claim the kingdoms of this world for God, as Paul said, when God comes to be revealed in His saints, in these great clouds of glory and witnesses; appearing to His saints for salvation, but coming to the world in His own flesh for judgment. We shall own and rule heaven and earth. He shall withhold no good thing from us, and we shall overcome and sit down in His throne with Him, for heaven is His throne and earth is His footstool. His Word shall then be made Spirit and flesh, and the written page shall be consumed.

The grace dispensation overlapped the law dispensation. Now, righteousness, in its dispensation, is overlapping grace as the millennium emerges. Only the righteous can stand. The Jews went out with the law, and the Gentiles go out with grace. They did not take advantage of the grace to develop His nature and character in righteousness, so they remain creatures that can only live in grace, and there shall be no more grace. We are made the righteousness of God in Christ. The Bible says that we are righteous even as He is righteous, eternal as He is eternal, and shall live forevermore. God is in Christ and Christ is in us, which means the Spirit in the Word and the Word made flesh in us, the three in one.

Sin gets its strength by the law. Here is a quick illustration to reveal this: If a snake wrapped itself around a man’s leg, a man’s thoughts would quickly tell him what to do, unless he allowed fear to put him in bondage. God gave the law, that Paul called spiritual, to reveal Satan, our sinful enemy that causes death, for the Word of God reveals our sins. With this revealing, Satan strengthens himself, through the powers of fear, against God’s creature, because of their guilty complex. This means death to their faith and judgment from God upon them, because of their unbelief in God’s atoning blood. The Spirit of life cannot come in, for the antenna of faith is taken down. The door of faith is closed. Your spirit hath been put in bondage and separated from God, the Spirit of life. Thoughts of fear and guilt have killed your faith. Satan lives in your spirit and saps your temporal life until you expire, and your spirit or nature is one with him, in a kingdom of darkness and terror. As the spirit departs from the body, it is presently in dry places. The wrath of God abideth upon it because of its unbelief, but the anointed Word of God (Christ or God, the Spirit of love, fulfilling the law in your heart, for love is the fulfillment of the law) creates the nature of Christ.

Your spirit is one with Him in the kingdom of life, light, health and happiness. There is no more willful sin, for the will is gone. There is no more need for the act of justification, for you are dead to the law by the body of Christ. There is no more sin because there is no more transgression. Faith is made unto you righteousness. The mind of Christ could never doubt the promises of life and inspiration. The same Word or letter that killeth the flesh, which was the law, in the non-anointed form that brought judgment and condemnation on the enemy, has now become power and life to us, because it is anointed. The Spirit of God, within, cannot sin for we are born of God.

The Bible says that God has perfected forever them that are sanctified. He has sanctified us once and for all, by the offering up of the body of Christ. He justified us, predestinated us, glorified us, sealed us unto the day of redemption, healed all of our diseases, forgave all our iniquities, and said that nothing or any power can separate us from the love of God. He said that no one could lay any charge to His elect. Jesus said, “I’ve not lost a one that You’ve given Me, but I will raise them up in the last day.” Those who went to sleep without the oil are awakening to shame. Those that went to sleep with the oil, shall outshine the noonday sun in their royal priesthood, as sons of God.

Brethren, I exhort you to speak this Word, anointed. It shall not be you that speaks, but your heavenly Father that speaks from within you. Those who are in bondage, who desire to be free, as your words come in contact with their fearful thoughts of bondage, the anointing will break the spiritual yoke, revive and refresh their thoughts, and their spirit shall be free from sin as God forgives them according to their faith in His Word as you speak it. When these demons are gone, then, faith in this same Word will work a miracle and destroy the works that Satan has caused in the defective parts of the body of mankind.

The spoken, anointed Word is our hope. It is Christ, returning to His temple. May we make a full surrender to this Word and anointing. To become one with Him is to be His bride, for the husband and wife are one. He is our head. Let us always remember to please Him and not ourselves.

By Rev. George Leon Pike Sr.

Founder and first President of Jesus Christ’s Eternal Kingdom of Abundant Life, Inc.

Holiness Unto The Lord