The Mystery Of Life


We greet you in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We would like to take this great opportunity to express to you our feelings toward our Savior and to His people. We are very grateful for the people of God who are showing such a great concern towards His work. Having found ourselves in a frontier work of God, we seek to make a full proof of our ministry as the Apostle Paul exhorted us to do in his epistle that was written to the church.

Our goal is to preach the gospel to every creature as much as lies within us. This, of course, should be every Christian’s vision: to go into all the world in some manner or way with the gospel. The Bible tells us that God is not forgetful of our labor in the Lord. Inasmuch as we have ministered and do minister to the saints or the needy, the writer exhorted us that true and undefiled religion before the Father was this: to visit the widows and orphans in their afflictions, and to keep ourselves unspotted from the world.

Remember, that the early church did not say that anything that God had given them was their own, but they all came together in the unity of the faith, as one body of Christ in strength and spirit. They honored the Lord with their substance and the firstfruits of their increase; yet, their barns were filled with plenty, and at Pentecost, their presses burst out with the new wine. Jesus said that you cannot put new wine into old bottles. To have this great revelation of Christ, you must be born again of the water and the Spirit. The Bible tells us that we have become a new creature in Christ.

If the love of the world is in you, the love of the Father is not there. Remember, they turned back into Egypt in their hearts and were lost. They murmured and complained, and were destroyed. Let us seek all things common, and He will commit unto our trust the true riches and the crown of life.

May the Lord bless you is our prayer, and we are praying for you.

The Mystery Of Life

Let me say to you that, at this moment, we find ourselves within the hour of the unveiling of this last and most spectacular truth that will so inspire and enlighten the church, that the ultimate of its contents will translate the church of the living God, the one that Paul called the church of the firstborn, which is the ground and pillar of the truth, wherein the spirits of just men are made perfect.

Our first approach is of course, found in Genesis, for here we are told that God created man out of the dust of the earth. Afterwards, He breathed the breath of life into man’s nostrils and he became a living soul.

The Scriptures do not tell us that He made the animals out of the dust of the earth. One thing of major significance in this expression is, I believe, that God, who understood that the earth was created to remain forever, made man’s body relative to the earth so that it would be an everlasting creation, even though man’s body may go through many changes and the earth likewise may pass through many changes, but one thing scientists have learned from their studies concerning the creation is that not one particle or element can be destroyed. What they refer to as “matter” may change forms but, even though it appears to have been destroyed when certain things happen to it, such as fire, explosions, etc., yet the elements of matter remain; and, although they are fragmental or perhaps ashes, these elements which constitute and form the images of creation continue and there is no loss.

In the light of this great discovery, let us examine more thoroughly the mystery of life and creation. We are told that Jesus is the beginning of the creation of God. This makes us to know and understand that first of all, He was in God’s mind as a created being before the world ever was, for He said, “Father, restore unto Me the joy that I had with Thee before the foundation of the world.”

Another thing that we see in this is that if Jesus was the beginning of the creation of God, therefore, it is evident that Adam was not the beginning of the creation of God. By this, we are made to know that real life and creation did not take place until the birth of Jesus, or at the place of the resurrection, when the firstfruits of them that slept came forth. As Jesus passed through the blood-chambers of fire, the womb of mother earth gave forth her firstborn.

We know that Adam had the breath of life, but here we see that Jesus hath life itself. We also know that Adam had access to the tree of life, but here we see Christ Jesus, who is born of life. What then, is the difference? We use the terms, a world of difference. It was truthfully two different worlds.

In what way? The answer is this: Adam was in the presence of the shekinah glory of God, but the shekinah glory of God was in Jesus. The first man, Adam was merely overshadowed by the shekinah, even as Job had the hedge built about him, but the second man, Adam was born of the shekinah glory of God. God, speaking through the mouth of the prophet said, “You cover with a covering, but it is not of Me.”

The skin covering, which God gave to mankind after the fall, was symbolic of the beast body of flesh, which life tabernacles in; quite different from the shekinah covering of God’s own divine presence or the body of Christ that covered Adam before the fall, and was restored through the second man, Adam at the resurrection of Christ.

We fail to realize that this was why Adam and Eve felt naked, but we can readily see that the covering of the Spirit of innocence was gone. The condemnation of guilt was calling for the fig leaf covering, but that covenant of feeding from the water world of fruits had been broken. They were now living on a different level of life. Their minds had been subdued by Satan, who had worked through beast life. Therefore, their covering must be skins which were relative to the beast. The woman’s hair represented the shekinah covering or glory of the church, which shows the government upon our shoulders, that is so often taken away. We see this in the dark veil of intellectual covering which stems from the tree of knowledge, typically represented by the dark veil of covering which the Catholic nuns have used to cover their heads with after having been shaven.

Paul tells us that if the woman is going to reject the government of her husband, she has become a harlot; as Eve, she is naked. It is all as though she were shaven or shorn. This of course, speaks of Christ and the church. When the woman’s hair is cut short and is not upon her shoulders, it shows that she hath rejected her husband’s laws of governmental constraint. He, being her head; by this it is made evident that the woman (church), which is His body or members in particular, has lost her salvation, for when Zion travails, she brings forth her children from the seed of her husband. Thus, Paul said, “She shall be saved in child-bearing if she continues in holiness and sobriety.”

Let’s take even a closer look, as the veil is rent in twain. It is evident, from what we already have seen, that the control or government of the family has been lost from Adam to Eve.

What is meant by this statement? We are simply stating that the beast, who informed Eve, endowed her with the mind to subdue Adam. So then, rather than Eve following Adam in his obedience to Christ, when the voice said, “Thou shalt not eat thereof,” Adam followed Eve by heeding the voice of Satan, which said “Eat thereof.” Thus the black widow swallowed up her companion, for the veil of darkness (intellectual death) had brought carnality, for to be carnally minded is death. This means that Christ, who was in control through the shekinah mind of righteousness, had withdrawn from Adam, and Adam, who is the body (feminine part), having rejected his head (the Lord and Savior), was now left to his own human or beastly reasoning.

The command for Adam to rule over Eve merely insinuated that the beast was now in control of the body, and that reproduction of life would be through physical or organic means, following a serpentine course, as a passage from heaven to earth, through the means of a rent veil. Life therefore, being bathed in a bath of blood, would come forth to resurrection, to an Eve, or beginning of light, as a dayspring on high.

We spoke of the hair, which represented the glory; thus, the filters are formed. By this means there is no infiltration or contamination, as the hallowed state of bliss enraptures for the transitional purpose. So then, as God has said, so it was, and thus it has continued, even from the beginning of the creation of mankind.

Beloved friends and brethren in Christ, we can already tell, through the spiritual distance that we have traveled, that we are emerging from the twilight zone, through which we have been passing since the time that God brought us out of darkness, or ever since He commanded the light to shine out of darkness, to bring forth His marvelous understanding into our hearts, so that the mystery of God could be unveiled and finished, and that He might make us to understand the meaning of the rent veil, when at Calvary, He declared, “It is finished.”

As we pursue this subject, to continue our course by pilgrimage means of insight, of unveiling mysteries, let us remember that, even though the things of God have an end, yet the extensiveness of our views, beginning with the garden, reaches all the way to Calvary, not that it ends with Calvary, but rather that it is finished, so far as means of appropriation for future life, happiness and existence is concerned; or that is to say that eternal bliss and unending tranquility of the glorious inspiration of God begins with Calvary and extends throughout eternity.

Inasmuch as the breath of life was with Adam, and in that we know that Adam was made a living soul, this is positive proof that there was no mistake with God, and that the things which had occurred concerning the fall of man were not some haphazard uncertainty by which God was grieved or disillusioned.

Beloved of God, if we will seek and search for His profound meanings and great love toward us, immediately we can understand that Adam did not have anything to fall from, so far as the virtues of life or the greatness of life are concerned. He was of the dust to begin with, and he did not possess anything heavenly, but was only exposed to the heavenlies. He was only shown the beauty of its habitation. God exposed him to this great magnificence and only gave him opportunity to it, by offering unto his own sovereignty the power of decision and desire. By means of no constraint, Adam rejected the desire of God, by letting the desire of his companion, the woman, be closer to his heart. This weakness of Adam was illustrated through typical means, by saying that Eve, who of course was Mrs. Adam, his flesh and bone, yielded to the voice of the beast in her desire toward the serpent. The forbidden fruit or tree of death (intellectual reasoning), which produces carnality, then became preeminent.

Satan was now in rule through man (the beast), and life could continue no longer by God’s Word; but now, existence by intellectual definition and a world of reasoning must begin. Thus, life went into the wilderness of human reasoning, and sin entered the world through lust. The human or beastly passions were awakened and aroused, and Christ, the tree of life, whom the man, Adam was, as the shekinah enveloped Son of God (this of course, being before Adam’s fall, as we made reference to it), was now no longer the tree of life, because the shekinah covering had been lifted. So then, the man part was separated from the God or life part, for the Bible tells us that God’s trees are full of sap (life). The root of life to all generations had been severed, which must be restored in the second man Adam for had He not left us a root, we would have been likened to Sodom and Gomorrah. Remember the thing that was said by John, “The axe is laid unto the root of the trees, and every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down and cast into the fire.”

As the early morning refreshing of the dewy mist is expelled by the approaching sunlight, so was the transformating from the environmental state of bliss to the earthly conditional abode of mankind. The flowers withered in the absence of His presence, and air of heaviness, sorrow and toil soon replaced the jubilance that had been lost because of disobedience and unbelief.

With the coming of the Messiah, this was restored at Calvary. The dewy mist which came up from the earth to water it was soon to be replaced by the rain that would fall from heaven, which from the flood, we might by this, understand the loss of man’s inner ability to nourish himself and see the glorious blanket of grace which was to cover the world, that it might be kept alive until the time of the restoration of the garden (millennium); the atmosphere keeping the great light from literally scorching the earth’s surface until no life remained; the bow of His covenant set in the clouds, saying that as long as the earth remained, there would be seed time and harvest. As the angel of Revelation 10, with the covenant about his head, he could give unto us the entirety of the little book, which is His will.

Even though it is bitter to the belly, even a generation of vipers that produce life from the belly, through means of the serpentine course. Yet the curse of travail has ended through Calvary and the feeding of the belly from the dusty elements of life, in that the serpent’s meat was dust, means that there has been a change over from this depraved way of life into which Adam had fallen, back over to that celestial spring or fountain of living water, wherein is the habitation of angels. Jesus said that being equal to the angels, we cannot die.

Knowing that Adam had nothing to fall from, therefore we conceive the thought that from the very beginning the whole picture or transition was to depict the fall of Lucifer. As in Lucifer (Adam -- the tree of knowledge), all die. This answers to Mount Sinai, the law of sin and death, or Moses who led his people into a wilderness of destruction.

We are all dead by the body of Jesus unto sin. As in the days of Moses, the earth opening up and swallowing the elders (the first born), so it is in baptism; the old man is laid away (Pharaoh swallowed up in the Red Sea), and Satan our enemy cannot pursue the spiritual (Joshua) regime of youth and life, which is the tree of life, with the new law of grace and mercy, which nourishes us back to the manhood of the image that was lost in Adam’s fall, the image of Christ Jesus, whereas He said, “Let us make man in our own image.”

By this, we clearly see that Jesus Christ is the beginning of the creation of God; not the generation of Adam, but the regeneration of the second man Adam. We also see that Adam’s generation are the fallen and rejected sons of God. As in Adam all die. By the disobedience of one man, all men were brought under the penalty of death. So, as in Christ all men are made alive by the obedience of one man wherein we all have access to eternal existence. So then, as we consider life within the veil, we know that the rent veil of Calvary was the end of the law; the death of the first Adam; Jesus being made sin as the serpent whose head was to be bruised by the crown of thorns. The brazen serpent of the wilderness made an end of all serpents or demon powers, and God’s big brazen altar of Calvary where the force of His wrath is never quenched, neither can it go out, has at last consumed the evening time sacrifice of a Lamb without spot or blemish.

Here, Moses is seen atop the blazing mountain along with Joshua, who is typical of the Holy Spirit, as the law of the first covenant which, as an intellectual strength and definition is broken, as the old covenant (body of Jesus), is folded up and laid away.

We say covenant or covering; the elder (firstborn), as represented by the Jew, can no longer be the tabernacle of life. The beast body is finished. Christ the second covenant, as Joshua emerges from the heart of the earth to cross the Jordan, being victorious over death, hell and the grave and the wilderness is left far behind. Aaron the high priest (Christ), is taking the blood of atonement, ascending up on high to place it on the mercy seat of redemption while the spiritual Jew (new man Adam), is now being led by the great Joshua of God, the Holy Spirit, Christ in you, the hope of glory.

The life within the blood pulp of the blood cells of our body is pictorially seen as Israel moves in the midst of the cloud and the pillar of fire, baptized in the waters of the Red Sea; the baptism of fire shown by the pillar of fire, which is a misty cloud by day, without fire (spirit baptism). All having been baptized unto Moses, both in the sea and in the cloud; again the doctrine of baptisms that Paul spoke of is shown by the transitional act of Mosaic procedure through the ordinance of the law, by the laver, the golden altar of hot coals, and the misty vapor of the sweet smelling incense as Aaron entered the holy of holies (water, blood and fire); the big brazen altar that ever burned (outer courts, inner courts, and innermost courts).

The baptisms are shown again by water at Pentecost, as they are baptized in Jesus’ name for the remission of sin. The fire baptism, which is shown by the tongues of fire in the upper room, and the spiritual baptism which is shown by the mighty rushing wind that filled all of the house, for Jesus said that he that is born of the Spirit is like the wind.

Let us once again return to the original act of God, or the place where everything began. Adam was made of the dust and God said, “Unto the dust thou shalt return,” but remember the statement of Jesus, “He that is born of the Spirit is spirit.” Don’t forget that there is yet another form of life, for Jesus also said, “That which is born of flesh is flesh.”

Man was made out of the dust; the woman was made out of the flesh; the children, through human sensation were of the blissful state of energetic union (that which represents spiritual), born out of the state of ecstasy of life.

We must acknowledge that there were three covenants. The water covenant, the blood covenant, and the Spirit covenant. This of course brings us into the doctrine of baptisms. The earth in the first two thousand years had a water covenant, the age ending with a great water deluge of cleansing by baptism as the old world passed away.

The next two thousand years brought in the blood covenant and ended with a great blood deluge beginning with Jesus and moving down through the Dark Age, where the martyrs were so brutally killed out. Titus’ blood bath in 70 AD brought another age to a close, and the apostle of that day stated, “Ye are the people upon whom the ends of the world have come.”

The next two thousand years, with which you and I are somewhat acquainted, started with a spiritual covenant and must end with a great spiritual deluge of rapture at the end of this age just before the tribulation and the millennium, which is the restoring of all things.

Now, we see the age of vegetation (covenant of water), Adam and Eve living off of the fruits. When that covenant was broken, the beautiful world of vegetation passed away and the water, which is the life of all vegetation lost its radiance and preeminence as the garden diminished.

Adam, the animals, and the creation were still here, but the shekinah was gone. Everything had returned back into its dusty order, for the covenant of the body had been violated. So, the man that was taken from the elements of the ground was separated from life, in that the body is majorly composed of water. Let us remember that the three essential properties of creation are: element, oxygen and light. Now then, we can see what is meant by the statement, “We were naked,” that is, we see that the emphasis is placed on the body.

The male covenant being over (the dust and the water), let us now examine the female part of the covenant (that which is born of the flesh), the second world of human anatomy or the beast realm (blood covenant that God made after the flood, giving man the right to eat meat). Remember, the life of all flesh is in the blood, whereas the life of all vegetation is in the water, while the life of all angelic existence is in the Spirit.

Let’s keep in mind that it is in the realm of blood or beast (middle realm) that the covenant of God shows up, because Jesus came in the form of human anatomy. God did not have any trouble with Adam in the beginning, for Adam had no mind of his own, so far as intellectual reasoning of development is concerned. He only reflected God and His purity, but now that man is in the blood realm, having partaken of the tree of knowledge, there is instilled within him the mind of Satan and the enraged passions of the beast. This is why intellectual brilliance or science keeps tracing their ancestry or lineage back to a beast, while we trace ours back to God, for we are born of God.

We see in this also the Jewish people, who are traced back by lineage to the natural Adam and who feel like their only means of survival is contained within the possessing and keeping of their homeland or acreage of production, which will break forth as the land of Canaan in the millennium. Three kind of people herein are seen: The Israelite, the Gentile, and the Christian, which are religiously referred to as Jew, Catholic, and Protestant.

Now, let us say this, that even though Adam reflected God, this was not altogether pleasing to God, for the Lord desires that we be born of His Spirit, so that we will praise Him out of our own sovereignty, for while the Lord was away from Adam and Eve, in that the Bible tells us that He walked in the cool of the evening, they had betrayed Him. Neither is it stated that they could see Him, but rather that they had heard His voice in the garden and were afraid.

This denotes an unfinished work, in that no man hath seen God at any time; yet, in the finished work of God through Christ, we are told that the pure in heart shall see God. By faith God purifies our hearts. Thus the eyes of our understanding are enlightened to comprehend the heights, depths, length and breadth, for God is a Spirit.

The reflectors are referred to as fallen stars, in that Lucifer’s intellectual powers of the old serpent’s tail draws a third part down to earth to trample on them (dust realm).

Let’s finish examining the second age, or blood covenant. Remember, the curse of the male (man) was the briars, the thorns and thistles, the toil of the ground, and the sweat of the face. Look at Jesus, sweat as drops of blood, the thorns upon the brow, His labor among the wretched vines of mankind, the thorns and thistles, which were constant pricks in His side. Christ within Jesus rose up, took the body (brazen serpent), hung it on the tree and bruised its head at Calvary. Jesus having been made after the order of mankind (Adam), showed the headship or the first man Adam, the serpent head of sin that had to be bruised.

The resurrected Jesus, which is the Christ of the celestial body, the beginning of the creation of God, showed the seed of the woman as He came forth from mother earth’s womb, having gallantly led the serpent to his death, which was the sinful body of all mankind (generation of vipers); Jesus being delivered for the offense of those that had sinned, carrying them to death at Calvary, whereas Christ was raised for justification of those who knew no sin, translating them into the kingdom of life by the virtue of His own works and blood.

Thus, the veil was rent in twain, for Christ the inner covenant as the child of the firstborn, had broken forth from the matrix. In the covenant of blood, the breath of life continues to be preserved as the oxygen continues to illuminate and activate the blood genetics. The blood, which is the life of all flesh (human anatomy), now makes us to know that the covering is by night, for the life is protected by the pillar of fire. The covering or baptism is no longer as the water that carried the little ark which protected Moses, the life, who was the promised son.

The reason we say that this is the pillar of fire in the night or the fire baptism, which is the covering of the blood for the soul, is because we are referring to intellectual darkness from the fall. Paul, turn My people from darkness unto light! Jesus said, “Gross darkness of intellectual reasoning is covering the people in the end time,” whereas God commands light to shine out of darkness, saying that there shall be light in the evening time, which means the coming of the Lord or the revelation of Christ, which should spring forth in that season.

Remember now that this is the beast realm, the woman’s bloody issue, or the female, which is that which is born of flesh, having been taken from the flesh of Adam. This covenant is not as the first covenant, which was made with the body, for the body cannot sin. It is only a reflector of life showing us that Adam was not in the transgression. It is the creature that waiteth for its redemption through its groaning, for it is the purchased possession.

Of the blood, representing the soul, it is said, “The soul that sinneth shall surely die.” The soul is the realm of the power of decision, for Eve could have said yes or no to the beast. Adam was not privileged in this way because of environmental circumstances. His wife had sinned, and he had no choice but to follow her for her sake. So it is with Christ and the church.

It is therefore evident that Satan hath made his stronghold in the middle realm (second heaven), earth being the first heaven (shown by man), human anatomy being the second heaven (physical realm), as is depicted by the woman, and the galaxies being the third heaven, filled with the stars, as is shown by the children. Lucifer being a spirit (fallen angel), has come into the water realm of innermost life, and from that has entered into the blood realm of innermost life. His third attempt was to regain place in the angelic (spiritual) realms of the innermost life, but he hath failed in that he was cut off in the second realm of the blood life, where Jesus met him face to face. (The sun and the man -- the moon and the woman -- the stars and the children).

Lucifer evidently climbs into the heavens because of grace, and a third part of the angels are overthrown. Being the ruler of intellectual reasoning (darkness), he is the prince of the powers of the air. This may sound a little shocking to you, but when God said to Adam and Eve, “The day that thou eatest thereof, thou shalt surely die,” they truthfully did die. We said that they died within a God-day, in that man’s life span has never attained unto or exceeded a thousand years which is a day with God. We say that a man died spiritually, in that he lost his immediate fellowship with God, but the shocking reality of the whole thing is that it is more than you visualize. Man actually did die that day. Jesus said, “You are dead while you live, because of trespasses and sins.” In reality, what happened was that God withdrew from Adam and Eve, or that is, Adam and Eve separated themselves from God.

When the Spirit of life departed, there was nothing left except the breath of life. The only thing that could be done now to preserve mankind, in that they had been switched over to a temporal existence, was to allow Satan (Lucifer), the ruler of intellectual reasoning, to set himself up a kingdom of schooling and government, thus making him the prince of this world, which was part of God’s program from the beginning, in that God’s plan is to make man from the dust and through the power of process, time, and transformation, change him into a god.

What must God do? There is only one thing left, inasmuch as Satan is not only the ruler of the demon powers or angelic forces that are in the air, but rather, the atomic particles by means of mind over matter. God must allow man to live by atomic means, man being a composition of atomic particles. He must then survive by means of the elements of creation.

Through water (vegetation), he takes these into his being; through meats (blood), he takes these into his body; by sunlight (spirit), he takes these into his being. He is a mass of nerves. In any place where nerves fail to function, his life is quenched. The only life that he has in the blood is the oxygen, which is taken in through the lungs. This is proven, in that if you hold man’s nose and cover his mouth so that he cannot breathe, he immediately dies from suffocation. He is nothing more than a composition of elements which are relative to the earth, and not nearly so fortunate as a tree which can live for eight or nine hundred years because it has a taproot which can go so deep into the ground that it can continually nourish itself with elements that man has through greed used up, so far as surface is concerned. Instead of moving insects with prayer and clean living, he poisons and infiltrates the air with death, thus contaminating his substance. He will not let this body have the one day out of seven to recuperate. He will not allow the land to lay waste one year out of the seven to refertilize.

Look at the people before the flood, who lived to ages of eight and nine hundred years. Will this ever be again? Yes! God said, “The days of My people shall be as the years of a tree.” Why? Because God has preserved beneath the ocean, by means of tilting the earth, the fertile and organic elements that will produce long life in the restoration. The salt water is a purifier. This again goes back to the water covenant or the restored garden, the bodily aspect or the Jew.

Let’s look at the spiritual or third covenant which begins at Pentecost with the outpouring of the Spirit upon all flesh. You see, God has left us a root who is the offspring of David, therefore we are not altogether cut off from the life that Adam had, for in the second man Adam, who was before Adam, we have our root. Every plant that the heavenly Father hath not planted shall be plucked up. It shall wither and die.

This covenant of the Spirit has to do with the children, for we are all children in Christ. Remember, this takes us into the innermost courts or the holy of holies. The last two thousand years brings us over to the coming of the Lord as we enter into the church ages. This is the covenant with the celestial realm, the place where the innermost secrets of the heart are revealed (angelic realm), the third heaven where God Himself dwells.

When God created, He created in three major steps: The heavens, the earth, and the seas: A heavenly world, an earthly world, and a water world of the darkness of the deep. Lucifer is the ruler of the darkness of the deep, for we are told that Leviathan, the piercing one, maketh the deep to boil like a pot.

Where the problem begins is that Lucifer hath left his first estate, climbed up into the middle realm of humanity (blood life), working through the beast to subdue the angelic host. Man therefore, being relative to the beast, Satan has not accomplished that which he has hoped to, for man being subjected to the kingdom of Satan, did not by any means hinder the plan of God.

Satan only claimed that which was his own, the seed of Cain, for there is a much higher order in God, which is son-ship in Christ. Angelic life, which is Son of God life, who do not live by intellect, but rather by faith; they are equal to the angels and cannot die, for that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.

The fountain is open within the house of David -- Christ, within you, the hope of glory, which is the fountain of living waters; for out of your innermost being shall flow rivers of living water. For as the deep calleth unto the deep at the waterspout of God, whose waterspout ye are, we will draw water out of the wells of salvation with joy, for Zion shall return with everlasting joy. The joy of the Lord, being our strength, we should therefore be strong in the power of His might, for we do not place our faith or confidence in our own brilliance of ability or ingenuity. The spiritual rejuvenating or the innermost life, as a cloud by day (mind of Christ), makes you a child of light, for ye are not children of the intellectual darkness, but rather the children of the day

So then, we know the day of the Lord, for this is the Lord’s day, even His appearing to them that look for Him. Therefore, the thief in the night is to those who are in intellectual darkness. We, as children of the day have been, by His Spirit, transported into the day of the Lord, in that Christ said, “It is finished.” The Lord, having rested from all of His labor, by faith it is no more works of the law; therefore, we have entered into His grace, the day of God’s rest, having ceased from our own labor of ritualistics and formality.

Our religious desire and stride now is conformity to His will and image by the means and measures of His Word, as we grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord, to the full measure of the full stature of Christ, for it is no more I that liveth, but Christ that liveth in me, for the life that I now live, I live by the Son of God.

The Spirit covenant, being made with the spirit (angel) of man, brings us to the part of justification, wherein the spirits of just men are made perfect, our justification and purification of heart being by faith. Everything in the act of creation has its means and measures of control and existence by virtue of the nature that God has given it. A cat’s nature constrains and regulates the elements to a composure of a cat image. You cannot change that. The leopard cannot change his spots, neither can the Ethiopian change his skin, and they that are accustomed to do evil cannot do good. We were made for God’s pleasure, but the wicked for the day of His wrath.

The nature of a plant will be to one end and size, while the nature of a tree is to another altogether different. The nature of a man takes him through so many years. With exception of a few, more or less, he dies; and even though scientists seek to change this, yet there is no way; for to change the nature, it would mean that you would automatically change the image. Therefore, mother nature is of one kind of life; human nature, another kind of life, and son-ship or God nature is of another kind of life, a much higher order of life.

Satan, being an angelic spirit, can get close to this life through the means of grace. He can also very easily enter into the life of mother nature, and also into human life, but the image of God in which man was made, which was lost in the fall from the garden, that is to say the image of Christ, the second Adam (restored image); Lucifer did not dare go near that, which is why he worked through the weakness of the woman. If the heavenly image of son-ship hath been restored to us by means of Calvary, therefore the world and all creation is groaning and waiting for the manifestation of our son-ship, which will be the celestial regime in our mortal bodies that will change us into immortality, whereas we will in return correct the disorder of the earth, releasing creation from the brutality or harshness of Satan, who is responsible for its groaning.

It is obviously seen within these statements, that through the covenant of the Spirit, which is the Holy Ghost Himself, who by faith doth purify our heart, hath even now at this time endowed us with power for a celestial regime.

There is a justification of spirit by faith; there is a sanctification of the soul by God’s Word; there is a glorification of our bodies by means of baptism. We therefore have a justification of spirit by translation through believing, and we enjoy the sanctification of our soul by the power of God’s Word which transforms us, while we enjoy glorification of our body by transfiguration. Though we wait to wit the redemption of our body, it is only because of the time element involved in the allowance of the spirit of iniquity which worketh as the prince of the powers of the air, being allowed to stimulate life by human passion, until the era is finished; whom the revelational mind destroys with the brightness of His coming. The spiritual covenant therefore is made with the angelic part of humanity, as it was said concerning Peter’s angel.

The agreement with Egypt was broken by Pharaoh (vegetation, garlic and onions); the covenant in the wilderness was broken by the elders, but the covenant of Canaan was established by the children under the regime of Joshua, and so they received their inheritance.

Joseph, Moses, and Joshua: three great leaders, for major purposes, were of different perspectives. We do not live of the dust, but we live by faith. The serpent’s meat was dust. A generation of vipers thrive on their belly. We must bruise the intellectual head of the serpent, not leaning to our own understanding, by trusting in the Lord’s Word with all our heart, for His words are Spirit and they are life.

The water covenant failed to offer an eternal covering or abode for the Spirit of life. Life by means of element couldn’t do it. Blood life failed! As a covering, it could not do it, but the Spirit is uncontaminated by Satan, wherein the Lord, as the Spirit of life, shall eternally dwell.

What can we say to these things, other than to accept the fact that we are born of the divine nature, which is without end, for termination of life doth not exist in the Spirit, because the Spirit is not subject to tangible matter nor defilement of intellectual reasoning, whereas all manner of matter is subject to Spirit. So then, it is not Satan’s intellectual, man-made mind over matter as the theory of science tries to prove. It is the mind of Christ over matter, the mind that has, by faith, created all forms of matter.

God allowed Satan to seize it through the fall of Adam, thus making him the prince of the powers of the air, giving him his dominion over human government and the intellectual powers of reasoning or definement, for the sole purpose of stimulating mankind by means of human passions and relation, and also through sports, eating, drinking, and wild excitement.

Man’s physical activity and human resources have been inspired by Satan to great advantage and lofty achievement, reaching even unto the heavens, even as the tower of Babel, the Lord saying, “Though thou makest thy nest among the stars, and though thou climbest up to heaven, I shall cast thee down to hell.”

By this, it is obviously seen that man’s conquest among the galaxies will end in a waste of effort, whereas they will have accomplished nothing, for after all they have done, God will utterly confound them and reveal the mind of Christ, thus putting on exhibit the ignorance of Satan and all of his followers, while the children of God shine forth as the brightness of the firmament and the stars forever and ever. So let us rejoice forevermore and be thankful for all things, giving all praise and honor and glory to our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who hath purchased us with His own blood, having made us priests and kings unto His own glory. Unto Him, the everlasting Father, the omnipotent God, and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, be praise, honor, and glory forevermore and without end. Amen.

By Rev. George Leon Pike Sr.

Founder and first President of Jesus Christ’s Eternal Kingdom of Abundant Life, Inc.

Holiness Unto The Lord