The Transology Of Changing Events


Because of the intriguing desire of human ethics, the ever-changing facets of life causes our daily concept, from a domestic viewpoint, to seem foreign or oriental to the average human status of one’s existence. Because of that, it requires a prayerful life with deep consideration and deep concern. So then, our desire should be to master our situation in a godly and diplomatic way, that by this, we might constitute a state of being that will make an allowance for all mankind, in projecting a light of good, simple reasoning, along with a conduct that is to be appreciated by people who are searching for truth with good understanding, so that one might escape the awesomeness of unreasonable people and the multiple pressures of life.


It is with great pleasure, reverence, and respect, that in this age of liberty, I express my views as a proclamation of human rights and religious convictions.

Over the period of years and transition of time, I have, through careful observation of changing events, seen the world system, their politics, along with human ethics, deteriorate and fall apart. I have beheld the dissolving of brotherhood from sea to sea in my travels around the world.

I have been associated with people on every level of life. I have communicated with those of the abase sort, and the elite that I have found in the upper echelon, the rich and the poor, the learned and the unlearned. The greatest obstacle that I have been confronted with among humanity is the lack of fidelity and truth.

It appears that the family of mankind, through self-will and self-esteem, has become characterized as an image of deceit and covetous practices. There seems to be no fear of God before their eyes, and truth has been taken far from them. It seems not to matter as to a good name and good character any more. Morals of decency, standards, and quality of life have diminished until it is as though the sunlight of day has slowly gone out, and the shadows of night or darkness have become an overwhelming force, as though a great brutality has fallen upon the people.

The strength of majesty and honor has slowly dissipated until integrity has been lost in the shuffle of time. There is no more joy, as to the memories of yesterday, nor is there hope for the future of tomorrow. Fears and anxieties have filled the hearts of mankind, as Satan, the great enemy of God, has spun a web of devastation over the whole world.

As this menace of humanity slowly closes in for the kill, there seems to be no way of escape. Man has obviously lost his faith and confidence in God, and in so doing, he has forfeited his right to eternal security.

But beloved friend, there is one hope, and that is the love and mercy of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and the wonderful works of Calvary. In the Scriptures of the Holy Bible and the everlasting Word of God, we are told that God, through Christ, has given us all things that pertain unto life. He said that if those that are called by My name will humble themselves and call on Me, I will move away the ravished turbulence of a diminishing society and heal their lands, for it shall come to pass that whosoever calleth upon the name of the Lord shall be saved, for there is remission of sins, safety, peace and tranquillity in none other name. The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous flee into it and are saved. As it is frequently stated in the eastern part of civilization, “Shalom,” or peace to all, from the manger of the birth of the King of kings and the Lord of lords, the great and mighty Prince of peace who said, My peace I give unto you, the Master of all masters, who willingly took your place in death, suffering and sorrow, who paid for your sins and wrongs that you might be filled with His wonderful Spirit of joy and happiness and have eternal life.

The Transology Of Changing Events

An Indictment Against The World

To Whom This May Concern:

I am writing this article in behalf of the public and our human rights. Our present day status of life, with its complex situations and its perverted ways and changes: these changes, not being pertinent to the cause of good government, have thrown our whole world into a dilemma, and there is, at this time, a calamity that has fallen upon the people, which has been created by men and women who are occupying offices, whether they be county or state officials or national or international dignitaries.

As to the godly ordination of legislated leadership, I do humbly bow with all reverence and respect, giving, first of all, honor and reverence to God, and then honor, tribute, and custom to whom this is due, for we are taught, even by the Holy Scriptures, which are the basic fundamentals and foundation of all mankind, that we are to obey magistrates and honor great statesmen and dignitaries, as well as the law, because this is a divine ordination of God, for the law is not a terror to the righteous, but rather to our adversaries.

So then, our opposition of effort, as the general public, is to rise up in behalf of sober and sound rule against the great menace of our human society, as well as in the behalf of our children, youth, or loved ones.

In so doing, we must restore the traditional values of our forefathers, who proclaimed liberty and justice for all. It is clearly stated in our great constitutional rights, as to what appears to be the leading nation in all the world, and one people individually set apart, as to a cause that has been reverenced by all the world, that if at any time there is found a discrepancy within these honorable rights, it should be corrected immediately, or, if by means of addendums our Constitution has become corrupt or perverted, that it is the full responsibility of the people, and of our leaders and magistrates, to dissolve, to change, or to restore; to bring again godly and lawful principles to humanity, and to bring back, once again, integrity between our fellow man, as to a brotherhood, and that toward a just cause in respect for one another and one another’s rights being offered to one and all: an equality of life, regardless of race, nationality, or color.

These long-forgotten principles have thrown our world into a great state of controversy and intellectual disputes, and, even as the Holy Scriptures have said, people, who are vainly puffed up by their fleshly minds, trying to solve internal problems, while seeking for solutions, they never include the supreme Creator, who solemnly promised that if we, the people of God, would call upon His name, that He would hear from heaven and heal our lands. They are ever learning and never come to the knowledge of the truth.

Our forefathers divinely proclaimed these things, and in so doing, brought to pass one of the greatest forms of government that has been known to mankind. These people proved to be great champions in admiration of all mankind, and today are immortal in the mind of God as those that preserved godly and human rights to a full defense. Some lost their lives and their fortunes, and even one of them said, “Give me liberty or give me death!”

Where are the defenders of liberty and justice? Who are these people who have taken their place, who eat My people as bread, who treat My people as merchandise, who rob, steal, and kill, who leave the wayfarer wounded, lying helpless along the wayside?

Jesus said, Fools and blind, a generation of vipers, brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed; the blind, leading the blind, they all fall in the ditch. Boycotting through local and county ordinances, the sheriffs, the judges, the local police, and the city officials have become a middle wall of partition which needs to be broken down, standing between the public and their great governmental rights of legislation, lording over the people and robbing them blind, imposing upon them perverted ordinances of taking more tribute to suffice for their evil desires and wasteful practices, along with the infiltrated offices of corrupt government, which oppress the people in such a way that they have lost their desire toward a life of stability in progress, of provisional livelihood.

This kind of thing is turning the people into a bunch of dope addicts and money-hungry freaks who hate government, while they were, at one time, godly, law-abiding citizens. They cannot have or own anything anymore, for these capitalistic promises have turned into a horrible, hideous nightmare of brutality; this slaughtering, being enforced by badges and guns, and the law, which was once our protection and security, has turned into a Mafia with a thrust of seizures to rob and destroy humanity.

The Scriptures tell us that the serpent has climbed up into the upper lintel, so that the intellectual pressures of the detriment which befell Adam and Eve, through the old tree of knowledge, are literally devastating the people. In reiterating the situations that prevail today, one is quick to discover that the problem of it all is that we have a program so well planned, that we have left God out of the arrangements.

The public has, in general, turned into a bunch of natives, of wild, relentless seekers of pleasure with their jungle-like chants, drums, and unreasonable forms of entertainment, following after a beastly hunger and thirst for lustful passions, destroying the morals and decencies of all the earth, while driven by their satanic madness.

While travelling around the world in a continuation, as a minister of God and a defender of human rights, I have learned that these things have been such an insult to the elect lady of God and to His family of humanity, and they have left scars that shall never be eradicated from God’s mind, bringing the full impact of His wrath and burning indignation upon an entire generation of adulterers, fornicators, thieves and embezzlers, who have transformed themselves into cults of brutality and devastating ignorance, and that to the extent of being indicted as a clan of cruel, unconcerned beasts, even as we said in earlier reference. God will destroy them all, charging them with the death of His Son, Jesus Christ, telling us that the blood from righteous Abel and of all the martyrs shall be upon the heads of this wicked generation. Having done these things to the members of the body of Christ, they have done this unto Me, crucifying Me afresh and putting Me to an open shame.

God will rain fire and brimstone out of heaven upon this wicked generation, even as He did on Sodom and Gomorrah in the days of Lot. I have seen this place with mine own eyes. God said to the church, I will trouble them that trouble you, and He also said to the church, as His bodily members, Whosoever you bless, I will bless, and whosoever you curse, I will curse, whatever you bind on earth, I will bind in heaven, and whatsoever you loose on earth, I will loose in heaven, whose soever sins ye remit shall be remitted, and whose soever sins ye retain shall be retained.

As an essence of these writings, and of a full finale, it is brought to my remembrance, certain things I would like to say: that as through a careful observation, within the span or radius of my lifetime, I have discovered a complete violation of the constitutional rights as pertaining to the church and state. The only time I have seen this enacted, and that in an improper manner, has been in a gullibly selfish motivation, for when the state has something good, they selfishly close the door in the face of the church in order to practice their degraded way of life, saying that there is a separation of church and state, so that they can be sure that the church receives no privileges of their labor and tribute which is demanded of them.

Our private school programs are suppressed daily, and they demand tribute without benefits. They have confiscated and lied, they have cheated and swindled to their gullible wastes and have offered nothing in return. When they want to oppress the church, there is no separation of church and state! God said, You have robbed Me, even the whole nation has robbed Me, and My wrath, to the uttermost, is come upon you!

We have, within our own private files, things that fully indict, as well as multiple testimonies from among the people, and this concerning your evil aggression in your attempts to stamp out the church of the living God, so that through your satanic regime, you can enslave the people, bringing yourself, as it was said by the man that was in control of The Atlanta Journal, at one time, into a place of being under the curse of Cain and the mark of the beast: for indeed, they that reject God are beasts, and I repeat, some are brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, tagged with a number like a common animal.

Because you did not like to retain truth in your knowledge, and because you do not have a love for the truth, God has turned you over to a reprobate mind of human esteem and worldly diplomacies, and that with a lustful desire of worldly passions, dishonoring your bodies one between another: men with men and women with women, working that which is unseemly among themselves, receiving from God a just recompense of reward for the error of your pernicious ways, and this for a loathsome and abase act before humanity. A sinful, adulterous generation for which there is no hope in that you have come to a knowledge of the truth and rejected it. You have trampled over the blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and counted it as an unworthy thing, having given your ears to every wind of doctrine, and having itching ears, you have heaped to yourselves false teachers that would justify your wickedness.

The Bible says that there remaineth no more sacrifice for your sins, and that there is none good, no, not one. There cannot be found among you, Jesus said, one man of godly wisdom and integrity, for they have all turned aside, going their own way, looking to their own quarter for their own gain. You have let the true house of the Lord lay waste. Your priests and your prophets have become vain. You have a religious name that you live, but you are dead, some twice dead and plucked up by the roots. You are children of Belial, and through your insane acts of human diplomacy, of documentaries, you have progged into things that you know nothing about, having blasphemed and desecrated holy and sacred things. This you have done to your own hurt. As a confused Babylonian system, you have devastated the whole world through your foolish zeal and conquest for preeminence and power, trying to project a human image through the foolishness of sports and gullible desires, knowing that the Bible tells us, that which is highly esteemed in the eyes of men is an abomination in the sight of God. Seeking honor one of another, you can never have the honor that comes from God, of eternal riches and immortal life.

The end of all flesh is at hand, for the flesh profiteth nothing, and all of your ambitions shall be rewarded with a hole in the ground and dirt thrown in your face, your wealth and riches being left to a fool, as Solomon said. In the end, you are a fool, for the ultimatum of all of your activities is a lake of fire, while the righteous live on eternally, shining more and more, as through the mind of Christ and the wisdom of God, unto that perfect day of serene peace and heavenly tranquillity.

One of the things of detriment to the great United States, as an evil insult to our forefathers and this monumental establishment that is referred to as the home of the brave and the free, is the camouflaged aggression, as a great tyrant, that undermines the homes, robbing and stealing the virtues of mothers and dads, corrupting even the little girls and boys.

People are forced by what is called law and order into educational institutions, saying that this is for the benefit of the child’s intelligence. After that they have been taken into this grip of satanism, then the real motives are revealed in that they are thus forced to strip off in their PE classes, which has resulted in a state of whores and whoremongers, dope addicts and perverts, drunkards, and money-hungry cons.

The military follows the same act of debauchery, as to drafting both men and women into a service that has become a slime-pit of illegitimacy in abusing themselves with one another. It is stated that at least a million condoms were issued just during the time of Desert Storm, and even with that, a count of about 1,200, it is said, resulted in at least that many mothers, as to an illegitimate act. This being the result when mothers are forced away from their companions and their little children at home: a fight for defense of liberties, we are told, and yet, the godly virtues are sacrificed during the time of this mad, insane act.

The Bible says that the battle is not to the strong, the race is not to the swift, and understanding comes from God, not through the study of books! The Bible also tells us that God shall make them of a good understanding that love Him.

One of the most degraded things that I know of is this period of training that has been set forth by corrupt men and minds, who are satanic instruments of abaseness and cruelty. This training period of men and women in military forces, that are to train together and stay together in the same barracks, to form a better fellowship, they say, between male and female for combat purposes: your whole system is a stench in the nostrils of God! Your full motive, ultimatum and drive is the stimulation of Satan, who is controlling your corrupt mind to turn the world into a hog wallow.

It is no wonder that the Lord said dogs and swine, or beasts: your hypocritical forms of worship that have made you lukewarm causes God to spew you out of His mouth, saying that all of His tables are filled with vomit, and that you cannot eat at the table of devils and at the table of God.

The people, in general, know that Jesus, in the Scriptures, emphatically stated that to look on the opposite sex, as to desiring one another: you have committed adultery already in your heart, knowing that the exposure of the body was to be private, for godly, reproductive purposes. The bed of the married being undefiled in all, but the adulterer and the whoremonger, God said, I will burn them with fire!

This Laodicean, lukewarm, religious age of what is referred to as “Charisma,” Jesus said that it is a sinful and adulterous generation that seeks after signs and wonders, and that desire all of the benefits of God, offering nothing in return; not conforming unto godliness or submission to divine holiness within their life; God, being the Spirit of holiness, which the Bible states, without which no man shall see the Lord.

Our major problem of today is that we, as a people, are trying to replace divine instruction with human intellect. In doing this, we forfeit our rights to eternal benefits and securities. You cannot replace spiritual inspiration with a cosmic energy of human ego, of worldly excitement and stimulation, in trying to suffice a gullible seize that is caused by an invisible force of oppression. It is altogether wrong. It is like beholding a cosmopolitan view from an aerial scope. You suddenly become aware that our situation is so conglomerated that all hope is gone. Our evaluation is improper. Our priorities have been befuddled in our minds. Our human concept is so distorted that it gradually causes us to transformate into a freakish and hideous monster of fault finding and complaints. Along with our greed for convenience and riches, we are blinded in such a way that we grope as one that is in darkness while seeking moral support, and becoming such a dependency toward human resources, we discover that we are foaming out our own shame, while the love of God should be emanating through us like a radiating light toward others.

The real purpose of life is thus lost through the litigation of our daily practices of waste and arrogancy. Our godly ethics have completely been dissolved by our greed, and this is where the problem is in our racial disputes and our conflict with neighboring countries.

We have created a circumstantial environment that has become a prison of frustration, anxieties, and fears in such a way that all of our professional world is confounded. The whole thing is thus a Babylon of confusion, and nobody understands anything anymore in that truth is lost in the shuffle.

So then, our management in life, whether industrial or otherwise, is falling apart. The Bible says righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. Racial disputes are not because of color, tribe, or orientation. It is because of versatility of mind and thought.

So then, the thrust and stride of men is not for rights of equality; it is because of secular motivation and corrupt disputing in an attempt to obtain position and undeserved privileges that one might lord over another. This is evidently seen in the great Constitution of the United States, which has predominantly presided over men and nations, unprecedented through its years of progress and achievements, with the freedom of rights carefully outlined to all people without respect of person. If people would turn back to the Word of God, giving Him His proper place of preeminence, you would find that the common people, as well as the upper echelon, would be congenial one to another, as they embraced truth and fidelity. The true values of life would then be recognized, such as truth, love, virtue, and respect for one another. Houses would then become strong again. Loved ones would become dear to one another, thus forming a brotherhood as a national and international government that would unionize itself around the world.

Then the long lost securities, the joys and jubilance of living, would be prevalent among the people. The disasters of life would then be gone. Sickness, death, and sorrow would no longer be a threat to humanity. World peace would quickly come forth, and the gullible waste of human resources concerning war implements would cease to be.

In this age wherein people have seared their conscience, and nothing seems to bother them anymore, they do not consider anything as to being imperative to the soul. They make no effort to expedite the cause of God in the earth, or to search after humility, as to seek the welfare of another, or to esteem others better than themselves. For this reason, they are continually sick in their bodies.

They have lost their faith in God, becoming complacent in life. They turn to the arm of flesh for benefits, aids, and relief of their miseries. Hospitals and institutions of help have become so infiltrated and corrupted, where people are treated in such a manner, that there is no longer any decency and respect, as to human person or character. There is such an exposure of the human body, to the degraded practices of experimental calamities, until it is almost a thought of terror, as to preservation of life and retaining virtues, in being committed to the medical system of today. Decency has fled away.

Even the simplicity of life, as to godly instigation of union, to produce the fruit of human beings in the earth: the average cost of any kind of care and concern is so outrageous that average families spend their entire livelihood day by day if they resort to help from the professional world. It is very evident that in the light of all these besetting things, along with the ever increasing fatalities, that the end of the world is upon the people.

This makes us to understand why the greatest nation on earth, who is supporting all of the world, to some degree, has a debt that is increasing into the trillions, when, within the world, as to population, our confrontation, as to support, is daily into the billions. Then, if everyone in the world offered some sort of revenue toward this great indebtedness, each individual would be under such pressure and travail that it would cause them to despair of life in their struggle for provisional means of livelihood and the needed commodities of life.

I think that it would be reasonable to say that at one time or another, all people have had problems in adjusting to city, county, or state ordinances, whereas of these, I can truthfully say that I have found, on numerous occasions, that there has been stipulations of boycott and perversion, to enslave the people, rather than toward a helping hand of strength to mankind. On the other hand, I can say there has been many good and beneficial things given for the safety and care of the public.

It is, to me, an unjust thing that a judge, a prosecutor, or any other power or authority, can refer back to the laws that have been constituted by people, making this the absolute and governing principles of society, especially in the sense that they have so infiltrated the true concept of human statutes of rules and regulations; whereas, on the other hand, the magistrates will immediately demand what appears to be a false reverence, as to their evil and pernicious doings, and no one is allowed to make a Scriptural reference, as to the great book of justice, which is God’s divine Word, and has been thoroughly proven to be so down through the history of mankind. This infallible approach toward tempered and eternal securities is taken out of the schools and replaced with man’s theory and ideology, even though this is the great book of law that has been confirmed and re-established by the masses of all human beings, as to one approach or another, declaring unanimously that there is a deity who is the great Judge of all men. This, of course, our great father Abraham used in a statement to God Himself, when he said, “Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?”

In the light of our constitutional benefits and the great Bill of Rights, as of one nation speaking in the behalf of all, as to liberty and justice throughout the entire world, and in the light of separation of church and state, freedom of press and freedom of speech: why do we have to tolerate such arrogance from magistrates or learning institutions, when we make reference to our defense?

The inconceivable aggression against truth should be stopped, for the government is of the people, for the people, and by the people, and these protruding powers and authorities of self-will that interrupt the progress of mankind, while destroying their peace and tranquillity that has been given to them by God: they are wandering stars for which the mist of darkness is reserved forever because of their intellectual ignorance of self-will and self-esteem. As to their act of law, one is guilty until proven innocent, while according to constitutional rights, one is innocent until proven guilty. Thus, the law has become as a madman, and that with seizure of gullible revenue, as to their satisfaction, as the Bible has said, the love of money, the root to all their evil.

We should be in full remembrance, at all times, that there is no law given that is of any benefit to people or mankind unless it is seasoned with the element of grace to allow for the innocent. Even the divine laws of God received this element of grace at Calvary, that it might be proven to be a means unto an end of mercy, love, and redemption, that the benefits might be sure to all people without respect of person. Therefore, the true form of government is of God, by God, and for God. The Bible says all things were made for Him and by Him, and for His pleasure were they made, but through the grace of God, His patience and long-suffering for humanity, not willing that any should perish but all might come to Him and have everlasting life; through this period of grace that man has turned into lasciviousness, in sporting themselves with monetary values and self-esteem, the old intellectual generation of vipers has climbed up into the upper lintel, enthroning himself within the human heart and body, which was made to be the temple of the living God and was to become a divine institution of abundant life of joy and serene peace. God is ready to dethrone him, for Satan, by means of the old tree of knowledge that puffeth up, has controlled and corrupted the world by resistance to a charitable edification that was intended by God. Satan has all but annihilated by devastation the mass of humanity, and has brought about a major catastrophe, as to pertaining to the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through abaseness and wars, along with worldly frolics, he has caused the destruction of mankind in kindling the wrath of God to the uttermost.

As a minister of the gospel, and as a divine authority of God, having been in my lifetime called and commissioned to the rights and defense of humanity, I, because of this terrible act of treason that mankind has allowed against the great supremacy of eternal rule and justice, do indict the entire world because of their transgressions and violations against the divine laws of God. We charge you that are guilty with the multiple misdemeanors of aggression against the church, the heavenly institution of the Almighty God, which is the ground and pillar of the truth. We charge you with perjury and perversion in that you have schemingly changed the laws which are a derivative of the laws that God gave Moses for the people, which history, as to his-story, plainly shows even the establishment of the coming millennium world. God will raise the Jewish people to power, that they may judge the world for the tyranny and perversion, once again restoring things to their originality, as to the full desire and satisfaction of God.

Know ye not, that the saints will judge the world? They are your judge. The minister of God is your judge, for the Bible tells us that he is a minister of God, set there to execute judgment on them that do evil and that he beareth not the sword in vain. Will you then not be afraid, even for conscience sake? For he hath the power to bless you or curse you, to remit or retain your sins. So then, God’s desire is to bless you, but He hath said those that resist Me, I will resist them.

The emerging signs of a world convulsion are seen on the horizon, while the ironics of life have created a splurging and wasteful generation, to the extent that the abolishing of all things is at hand. The converging lines of distortion, which are slowly but surely pointing toward deterioration, which will bring world annihilation, with the exception of godly preservation, which will accomplish God’s preproposed purpose of the restoration of true and righteous government, with real liberty and justice for all, for the Bible says a King shall reign in righteousness in that day when they anoint the Most Holy.

In the midst of the turbulence of today, I so often find myself scripturally reminiscing, remembering that Jesus said that we should not remove the landmarks of the old fathers, but ask for the old paths and walk therein. In so doing, we would find rest for our souls, like a great ship on a long voyage, always watching for the way points, always having the consolation that all is well, because of the markers along the way, as the scout, through frontier endeavors, left a trail for others.

In the early American way of life, we were given a heritage of courage and concern for humanity, along with virtues and morals of decency and respect. All has been lost in the shuffle of time, but in remembrance of those who blazed the trails of the frontier, there has been left to us by them a memorial, an unforgettable lesson of faith and hope, which is dispensed through a charitable attitude toward others by humility of heart.

Today, the misconstrued conception of life has devastated mankind because of their desire for human importance. So then, in this present day of outrage, the motivation toward the comforts of life has left us penniless toward godly things. The Bible says there is reward in all labor, but the talk of the lip only tends to penury. There is a great need for an attitude adjustment that can only be corrected by the mind of Christ.

The people who so arrogantly and aggressively mock and dispute the things of God, these are not only brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, but Jesus said to some of these people on occasion, Ye are of your father, the devil, and are taken into captivity at his will.

In the parable that Jesus gave concerning the harvest and the end of the world, He said that these are the tares of infiltration, which have been sown by My enemy, Satan; and, as it was said of Cain and Abel, Wherefore slew he his brother? Wasn’t it because that Abel’s deeds were good and Cain’s deeds were evil? So then, the Lord said, through the minister of the Word, that Cain was of the wicked one.

The Lord said, as concerning the parable, it being the end of the world, that He would send His angels to sever the just from the unjust, and then would burn the tares with an unquenchable fire, and with this, gather the wheat into the garners.

These people of such nature are squatters on your properties, infringing upon your tender and loving-kindness, who have, by brutality and armed forces, robbed and stolen away all of your goods, for Jesus said that Satan is a thief and a robber.

Ye are like sheep in the midst of ravening wolves. There is no honor among thieves, so it is very obvious that, by their unreasonable mockeries and aggression, you cannot reason with them. Therefore, the Bible says to separate yourself from unreasonable men, and withdraw yourself from every brother that walks disorderly; and, that in the end of the world, He would gather all nations into battle; that in the midst of the slain, the blood would flow up to the horse bridles, for the Lord is a man of war and mighty in battle. His words are as smooth as butter because of grace and His tender nature, not willing that any should perish but all should come to repentance and have everlasting life.

It says His words are softer than oil, but there is war in His heart, and these words are a drawn sword; so, don’t let your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid, for the end of all things is at hand, and He has safely secured us with His everlasting love and kindness.

A cherishable thought, which is frequently given by great men and proven to be a great purpose: one of these expressions was used by Ronald Reagan in his exposition on one occasion, when he referred to Christianity and its mighty force, as being the act of God, and simply stated that though abused, misjudged, and mistreated, that it would rise to a height of monumental conquest, to be established as a memorial, in undeniable honor and in unforgettable truth, to become a perpetual regime forever in honor of the Lord of lords and the King of kings, to triumph over and to win out above all of its enemies. This is my conviction, and this is my reverence and salutation to humanity wherever they are found throughout the earth.

By Rev. George Leon Pike Sr.

Founder and first President of Jesus Christ’s Eternal Kingdom of Abundant Life, Inc.

Holiness Unto The Lord