The Springtime Of Life

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth and all that is therein. Eventually, God brought about springtime, a time of the year that is so inspiring, even to the animals.

The trees begin to blossom out at springtime and bring forth fruit. The lovely fur coats of the beasts of the field seem to come alive with a new radiance. The cold, drab look of the wintertime seems to be swallowed up in victory, and the glorification of the world of life has sprung forth.

The birds begin to make melody with the sweet smell of the honeysuckle vines filling the air, while the brooks begin to look refreshing. There is something intriguing among the everglades and in the forest, while there is an adventurous feeling that allures and entices to make one want to seek and search out the deep, hidden secrets of the beautiful, camouflaged fields in the places of the wilderness. Some have a yearning to scale the mountain tops. In all of the beautiful sights and exciting thrills of the lofty grandeur of the mountains and the deep, shadowing valleys, it creates such a stimulation for life and for wanting to live.

A young man, filled with strength and human vigor; a young woman, her heart filled with excitement: all of this comes from God, our heavenly Father.

Youth is in full blossom. The lofty blue skies up above our heads; the beautiful fluffy clouds that are floating along with the breeze; the refreshing dew drops of the morning that actually makes the willows to weep: all of this is the act of God.

You can stand and watch the billowing tides of the ocean, while you feel the caressing of the gentle breeze while watching the swallows at play: in this is seen the love of God.

A little child laughing, rolling across a grassy lawn, playing with his little friend, a dog, while a mother caresses a little babe, holding it tight in her arms; a father, his perseverance and strength on exhibit as he cheerfully makes provisions for his wife and little ones while plowing the fields and planting the grain: all of this is the gift of God to humanity.

Beautiful melody that thrills the hearing; lovely smells, as of the sweet shrub, or as the cooking of pumpkin pie, that excites the appetite; eyes that behold, ears that do hear, human senses that can feel, smell, or touch the beautiful attributes of our heavenly Father.

God, the great Spirit of life, on exhibit through human instrumentality. The beautiful stars, the light of the moon, the sound of the crickets, the dimly lit and enchanting images of the night; then, the breaking forth of the early morning dawn from the horizon that awakes us to duties and responsibilities for survival: all of this comes from God.

There seems to be no end as to the variety of species or creatures, or of things that God has created for man and his pleasure. It seems so little that God is asking of man. His request is but for one purpose, and that is a conformity to life and the laws of life, and that through the lovely name of His Son, Jesus: God’s way of bringing us back to our originality, and our beautiful home in the garden. It is God’s way to eradicate all of the infiltration and problems of life.

For this reason, His goodness leads us to repentance. By this great act of love, we are compelled to give forth praises, honor, and glory to His lovely name; a living, sacrificial surrender to a conformity of life.

By Rev. George Leon Pike Sr.

Founder and first President of Jesus Christ’s Eternal Kingdom of Abundant Life, Inc.

Holiness Unto The Lord