The Scriptures tell us that in the last days, young men shall see visions. Paul said in his writings that all the invisible things of God, from the creation of the world, are clearly understood by the things that do appear. This Scripture shows us that God, who is a Spirit, created a natural negative for every positive that is in the spiritual world. We live in a world of parables, or a world of proverbs. It is not given to the natural man to understand the mysteries of God.

God gave us a world of natural things, which are types and shadows of heavenly things. They are allegories. God veiled Himself in all of His creation in the form of man’s needs. God, as a Spirit, is healing to the sick, and the bread of life to the starving soul. The pure in heart see God. He is in the trees, the stars, the birds, and everything that was created by Him.

Paul said, “The eyes of your understanding being enlightened.” We don’t see God with our natural eyes. We comprehend God with the eyes of our understanding. A good example, to make this clear, was given one day as a man asked his three small children if they actually saw with their eyes. Quickly they answered, “Yes!”, but the man said that he could prove that they did not, that they saw through the eyes of their understanding, and their natural eyes were used only to focus an object. They were riding along the highway, and he began to ask them what different objects were, such as cows, horses, etc. They answered immediately, but then he noticed a transformer on a telephone pole. The children, being small, could not tell him what it was. He said, “You see it, don’t you?” They said, “Yes, but we don’t know what it is.” Then he explained, “Unless you are taught to know through your understanding what certain things are, you do not see them.” They saw the form, but could not tell what the transformer was until they were told. From now on, if they are asked, they can quickly answer and tell what a transformer is, because the eyes of their understanding have been enlightened. Think on this natural example, and then you can better understand how to comprehend God. The more you learn the Bible, the better you see God.

Our spirit becomes one with God’s Spirit. We serve God with our spirit. The secret to success in Christ is to know that Jesus took our place on the cross in death. He exchanged places with us. We sinned and were guilty of death, but He took our place and we became His body of righteousness through faith in His grace. He died that we might live.

God is a Spirit. What kind of Spirit is God? The Bible teaches that He is the Spirit of holiness. Our nature is holy when we accept His Spirit in our bodies. He lives in us and we have the nature of Christ.

The way that you can tell a Christian from a sinner is by their fruits. Paul tells us that we should bring every thought into subjection to Christ, and if anything has any virtue in it, to think on these things.

People in our day feed on non-virtuous things, such as ungodly books, magazines, literature, and television. Since television is the most outstanding, let’s look at it through the light of God’s Word. It was given in this day, in the natural, to show the restoring of visions in the church. If you notice, everything that takes place in the natural shows something taking place in the spiritual. We need to get our spiritual eyes open.

Satan couldn’t get the children of God to go to ball games, picture shows, dances, wrestling matches, mixed bathing, and all things that are contrary to holy living, so he bundled them all up in one box and set it in the corner of almost every living room. We are told in the Bible that if we have the love of the world in our hearts, the love of God is not there.

Jesus said, “Watch and pray.” If a man had warned me that down the road a bridge had washed out, and I kept going, I would be a foolish man. A wise man looks well to his going. We are supposed to be holy in body and spirit. To believe on the Lord is not enough.

Hollywood is one of Satan’s strongholds. Los Angeles could be interpreted as “The city of lost angels.” While preaching in Hollywood, God showed me many things concerning the kingdom of Satan.

The Bible teaches that the stars fell from heaven. The stars are typical of angels. In the natural, movie stars (wandering stars) are falling in sickness, death, and sodomy. God rules man through the vision of the Spirit and mind, while Satan is ruling through television. Satan always imitates God. “My sheep hear My voice,” Jesus said. He speaks through the vocal organs of man, or by bringing things to your remembrance (whatsoever I have taught you). His thoughts are not your thoughts, but Jesus works through your brain. Satan lives as a spirit in the hearts of the movie stars, turning fame, money, and praise toward his own image. He rules the world by thrills, fashion, and lust. He is getting control of the whole world as they adopt his ways. He is molding the human nature to his image. The children of God are the image of God, while the children of Satan are the image of the beast. Watch the people! Notice how much they are resembling a beast, and how they dress.

Some say that television is educational. They seek to build up the carnal mind, which is enmity with God. The mistake Eve made was to lean to her own understanding and to partake of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. We are to bruise the serpent’s head and live by faith, not by our own reasoning.

Some people say, “The cartoons won’t hurt our children,” but Paul said to cast down imaginations, and the Bible says that the thoughts of foolishness are sin. You hear people say that it doesn’t affect them, but if we serve God with the heart and mind, then whatever has our mind, we are servants to that thing. To whomsoever we yield our members to obey, his servants we are, whether to sin unto death, or righteousness unto life. The same spirit that creates the wild imaginations for non-virtuous television shows takes your spirit into captivity. This spirit draws your spirit into that same world or atmosphere that you are watching, whether it be Frankenstein, westerns, gay nineties, or whatever it is. Your spirit becomes one with Satan. You take a spirit of fear, murder, or lust, which defiles the temple of God, causing God to destroy you.

One little girl, while watching a television show, strangled the baby she was babysitting, and said that she just felt the urge to do it. The spirit from the television took hold of her spirit through the medium of her mind or her five senses.

Sin is without the body: it is of the spirit. Satan gets in through the five senses. Every sin you commit is your spirit using your five senses. In the body, there dwells no good thing.

You will develop a love for the things you see and lose the love for prayer, fasting, and going to church. You will become a cold, formal church member, having separated yourself from the Spirit of God. You will become a proselyte, twofold more the child of hell than you were to begin with. God’s Word will not revive or refresh you. You will get past feelings of conviction, be turned over to a reprobate mind, believe a lie and be damned through lying divinations and strong delusion.

A brother, who was once used of God in visions, purchased a television. Later, when someone asked him if he still saw visions, he replied, “Only television.” This man was a man of long fasting, mighty in the Scriptures. He prayed and witnessed miracles by doctor’s reports. He was a great prayer warrior. Although he was deeply consecrated in holiness, this weight so easily beset him that he laid down his Bible and said, “I don’t know what to believe!” For years, none of his family had been to a doctor or had medical aid, but after bringing a television into his home, immediately he and his wife had to go to the hospital, and other tragic things came into his family. He had been blessed financially, but this also took a big drop. We shorten our days by our disobedience.

The great falling away is here. It is to reveal the man of perdition that sits in the human temple, showing himself to be God. God is forcing everyone’s nature to be revealed by letting things come before the human being to shake everything that can be shaken. A Christian’s nature, if one with the Word, cannot be shaken.

If we walk in the Spirit, we will not fulfill the lust of the flesh. To walk in the Spirit means to become heavenly minded. You see a type of this as people are accepting for their idols the images of stardom in Hollywood.

What we need as visual aid is the supernatural vision of Christ, and as Satan projects his fleshly image unto the world by means of television to mold within the human being his worldly characteristics, let us become a heavenly instrument through which the Spirit of God can project Himself and the true angelic activities, rather than manmade fiction. In doing so, God can inbreed within the human family holy characteristics of godliness unto the conformity of the image or body of Christ.

Let us remember one thing: all the world shall wonder after the beast. The beast is the human flesh with its carnal desires, brute beasts, the writer said, the serpent from the garden, called in the Scriptures a generation of vipers, who are crooked and perverse in all their dealings and activities, being contrary to all godliness. To be carnally minded is death, to be spiritually (biblically) minded is life and peace.

The man who carries the number 666, who came to America just a few years ago and addressed the people through the United Nations, is now sitting in the office as the head of the beast, to instill within every mind of our worldly offices or governmental institutions his doctrines of death. These are our headships, and they must receive the number of the beast in their foreheads.

We, who have Christ as our headship, do receive the seal of His name in our foreheads. A seal is a spirit. His spiritual Word seals in the purity of our thought pattern and heart, while in return, it seals out all evil and infiltration.

If there be anything that has any virtue in them, that be holy, lovely, or pure, by this purifying, translate your thought pattern from vain imaginations and you will reap a faith and confidence in God’s Word and ways that will give you a healthy, wholesome life.

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but he that does the will of God shall abide forever. Be a doer of the Word and not just a hearer. Search the Scriptures, and be sure you are building on a solid foundation. Jesus is coming very soon. Shun the very appearance of evil.

By Rev. George Leon Pike Sr.

Founder and first President of Jesus Christ’s Eternal Kingdom of Abundant Life, Inc.

Holiness Unto The Lord

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