The Crucified Way

I would like to ask you a question, if you are a Christian. Have you ever wondered why that since you became a Christian, that you have many more problems and troubles than ever? Well, there is a reason. First of all, it is because you have become the enemy of unrighteousness and Satan. You have started a warfare. Another reason is because, before you became a child of God, you were without chastisement and correction. We are chastised of God, as a father would correct his child, so that we be not condemned with the world. He tells us that if we would judge ourselves" that is, consider our ways before God in the light of His Word and way, then we could escape much chastisement, but because we fail to judge ourselves, then we must be judged before God.

The Scriptures tell us that some men’s sins go before them to the judgment. These are confessed sins, and they are judged in mercy. Some men’s sins follow after them unconfessed and are judged in wrath at the judgment. He that covers his sin shall not prosper, but whosoever confesses his sins and forsakes them shall prosper (find mercy). Remember, all sin is under the blood except sin that is willful sin, which means something that you know better than to do. The blood does not cover this sin, and you must be chastised as a disobedient child. Some people get so much chastisement through one fiery trial after another, that they are eventually saved as if by fire. All of their works are burned because their works are of the flesh, meaning deeds of error, which never profit them or God. These have lost a great portion of their reward, so let us not be like them, but let us take some works with us.

One other way to have trouble is to give place to Satan by just neglecting a life of consecration. Jesus said to watch and pray. Many mothers do not watch their children, thinking that God will take care of them, but friend, remember that He said, “Watch and pray.”

We must do our part. Don’t ask God to do His part unless you will do your part. His grace is sufficient. He will give strength in all things. Paul said, “I can do all things through Christ that strengtheneth me.”

Always think as Christ thinks. The Bible tells us to let this mind be in us that was also in Christ. The only way to live a successful life for God is a daily self-denial of the world and all that is in it. “If any man would come after Me,” Jesus said, “let him deny himself daily, and take up his cross and follow Me.” Many Christians fail by not growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ daily, by not conforming to His life, and by not practicing His ways. They will start off good, but will not make it a daily thing. Unless it is every day, we will fail.

One of the most common ways of being hurt by the powers of Satan is to deny ourselves of the wonderful blessings and privileges that are given us in Christ Jesus, our Lord. This, of course, means all things that pertain unto life that we have received of Him, which includes the privilege of calling upon God in any circumstance or condition of life. Failing to believe in His grace and mercy, and failing to know His Word or promises of benefit to us, means we must perish at the hand of Satan through lack of faith, confidence, and knowledge, but if we trust the Lord with all of our heart, then He shall bring His promises to pass. Delight yourself in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart, for all things are yours for Christ’s sake, and He shall withhold no good thing from them that walk uprightly before Him.

They that keep their minds stayed on Christ Jesus shall have perfect peace, so surrender your all to God. Love Him with all your heart, strength, soul, mind, and body, and remember, the crucified way is the only way. Paul said, “I am crucified unto the world, and the world is crucified unto me by the body of Jesus.” Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. Follow after righteousness! Seek the kingdom of God, and all other things shall be added unto you, such as you have need of in this life.

By Rev. George Leon Pike Sr.

Founder and first President of Jesus Christ’s Eternal Kingdom of Abundant Life, Inc.

Holiness Unto The Lord

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