Anointed Faith

So many times we see the evangelist pray for the sick and nothing happens, and we are made to wonder, for we feel that if Jesus healed them, they would have received their healing" but yet, it is a true fact that Jesus could do no more than faith would permit. The Scriptures tell you that He went about healing all manner of sickness, or every sickness among the people, which does not mean every person, but every kind of disease at one time or another" but we have the Scriptures that tell us that Jesus entered into certain cities, and there could do no mighty works because of their unbelief. Evangelists enter into certain cities or churches where people were not taught faith, or He will harden their hearts against the Word, and no mighty works of God are done.

In my ministry, I have been privileged to see great things by acts of faith, but I can truthfully say that not everyone is healed, only those that believe, for it is God, and not man, who heals. I know that Christ said that we were to heal the sick. I teach and preach this, but I also know that we are to be the manifested will of God. As Jesus said, “I do always the things My Father doeth.” So, we cannot go beyond His will, and His will is justification by faith, which in return brings salvation and healing.

One of the reasons more people are not healed is because they do not understand the act of faith. Faith, Jesus taught, without works is dead. This means that God’s Spirit must anoint faith, and for Him to come into our hearts, our deeds must be surrendered to the love of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, to find the mind of Christ.

Look at Peter, for example, as he walked on the waters. He, by deed, obeyed the command when Christ commanded him to come unto Him: the first step toward anointed faith. Now notice, that so long as Peter placed his believing or confidence in Christ, the Word, he walked on the waters, but now look at him, the same Peter, the same powerful faith now taken out of the hands of Christ, or that is to say, that Peter changed his thought pattern from the Words of Christ to the surrounding circumstances and his faith was no longer anointed, and he immediately began to sink. What was it? He had the same faith, but it was misplaced faith.

Now, take another example. Look at the soldier who came to the Word (Christ) with his faith. He had the same great faith before he came to Christ, but his servant was not healed, but when he placed his faith in Jesus, the Word, something happened. The servant was immediately made whole.

You see, it is anointed faith that brings deliverance. Faith in the Word, with repentance or prayer, brings God’s Spirit of anointing and power to bring the glory. The anointing breaks the yoke. This is achieved through fasting and prayer, or a life of solitude and meditation. The Scripture says He (the Word) gave the seventy power over diseases and sicknesses. He is the same Word, Christ Jesus, the same yesterday, today, and forever. God’s power and faith is in Him, for He is the Word, and God sent His Word and healed them every one, if they could believe. All things are possible to them that believe.

By Rev. George Leon Pike Sr.

Founder and first President of Jesus Christ’s Eternal Kingdom of Abundant Life, Inc.

Holiness Unto The Lord

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