All Hope Gone

Perhaps, when you see this tract and read the title, you are made to wonder. Well, if you have ever read your Bible very much, it may be that you remember in Paul’s writing, how that in his journey from Jerusalem to Rome, when they were well on their way, the storm called “Euroclydon” began to pour out its fury upon them and their ship. After much fear and worry, when neither sun, moon, nor stars had been seen for many days, and there lay upon them no small tempest, they all began to despair of life and to declare that all hope was gone" but if you will carefully recall, remember that Paul, after much prayer and long abstinence, finally came and stood in the midst of them and told them how that they should not have disobeyed the voice of God and received the hurt, but by words of comfort, he exhorted them to be of good cheer, because the God, whom he loved and served, had spoken unto him and told him that everything was going to be all right.

Friends, we are living in the most trying times in the history of the world, and if we have ever needed God in our lives, we need Him now more than ever before, not only for our sanity’s sake, but for health, peace, and world survival. While people foolishly go on to destruction and God is forgotten altogether, they are making the same tragic mistake that Adam and Eve made in the garden, in the original creation, that brought all of the chaos and sorrow we now feel.

People are turning away from faith in the indisputable Word of God and turning to the carnal mind of the tree of knowledge, to their own understanding, trying to reason things out instead of seeking God. The church world has lost out with God to the extent that they sound like sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal, trying to tell people about Christ and holy living, when they, themselves, know nothing about cleanliness and true salvation.

The people are like the lepers who sat outside the gates of the city dying but refusing to return to the city because, even though all hope was gone as far as they were concerned, yet in the city there was no help there. And so it is with the churches. You invite the sin cursed and dying into them, when you have denied the faith and have driven out everyone who opposes you in your forms and rituals! Then, the people only mock you. They say, as the lepers, “We know we are dying, but you are also starving to death.” The famine is truly on! Satan has worn out the saints! The church has become the cage of every unclean and hateful bird. But remember that the lepers put their faith in God, and they arose and started a march of faith, and God gave them the wealth of the enemy. They defeated the whole army by faith. Joseph, down in Egypt, laid up food in the time of plenty so as to feed the church in the time of starvation.

Beloved, be not dismayed nor deceived. God has not brought you forth into a wilderness to let you die of starvation, but He has food aplenty. The children of Israel, or the church in the wilderness, wandered around for forty years and did not have to ask Egypt for a thing. God healed all their sicknesses and fed them with manna from heaven. So it is today. God has the miracle manna hidden, and He is waiting until you are filled up with the flesh and its evil deeds. When He sees that we are hungry and thirsty after the spiritual things of God, He will fill us and take us into the Canaan land of God. The people cried for flesh, so God gave it to them until they hated it, and were glad when He gave them the revelation of His Word.

When God sees that we are tired of television programs, parties, church formalities, and tent shows with their rock and roll, and we really want to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ unto the fullness of the stature and power and mind of Christ Jesus, to be translated into the glorious image of the Son of God, then He will fill us.

All hope is truly gone! The church has become the cage of every unclean and hateful bird, and God is crying, “Come out of her, My people! Do not partake of her sin! Touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you!”

“If the blind leads the blind, they will both fall into the ditch,” Jesus said. Solomon said, “The whore is a deep ditch.” Now, the whole church or lump is fully leavened with malice, and the great whore that sat upon many waters is waiting to receive them. They which are turned into the bed of her fornication shall bring forth children unto death, to be cast into the great tribulation of the wrath and fiery indignation of Almighty God.

Yes, all hope is gone. God has used big tents to draw His people out of the churches, but now, the big tents are using God’s people just to rob them with a shout and a promise. The walls of Jericho are not falling! Something is wrong! The trouble is that God said to march around them and not break ranks. We are to become the great army of Joel and we are not to pierce our brother through, but let us sound the trumpet at the right time and shout together, and then the intellectual walls of opposition shall crumble. Christian people are not together. This is why they don’t have strength to prevail against the enemy. He said we are to speak the same thing, for when we begin to speak the same thing, we are going to see the glory and the power of God. “Shall I bring to the birth and then not be able to deliver,” saith God? “Hath not thine iniquities separated between thee and thy God?” “My arm is not short that I cannot reach you, neither is anything too hard for Me, but in the day when you seek Me with your whole heart, then shall you find Me,” saith the Lord.

Some of you are turning back into Egypt. You are looking back into Sodom and Gomorrah. You are not fit for the kingdom of God. I say this to your shame. It is time that we awoke from deep slumber, to trim our lamps, to clean the globe, for the hour is at hand. Behold, the bridegroom comes! Go out to meet Him! When the door is shut to the Gentile world, it will never be opened again.

Pray, people, and flee for your lives, because soon this world is going to feel the fiery indignation of the wrath of God, and the walls of Jericho are about to fall to the ground.

Something is about to happen to give the Christian new strength and to cause the saints to rise and take the kingdom, and, as Daniel said, to possess it forever. Hallelujah! What a wonderful thought! Let’s surrender our all to this glorious occasion that is at hand. Amen.

By Rev. George Leon Pike Sr.

Founder and first President of Jesus Christ’s Eternal Kingdom of Abundant Life, Inc.

Holiness Unto The Lord

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