Welcome Home (#1)

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1981 by Betty M. Pike

1. You’ve been gone a long, long time,

But we’ve had you on our mind,

We’re so glad to know that you are home again,

Now then we want you to know, precious friends,

We’ve missed you so,

And we trust that all your misery will end.


2. Dad, I know that you are late,

But I kept waiting at the gate,

Always yearning while I watched for your return,

I just knew you’d make it in,

Because I talked with my dear friend,

And He told me He would bring you back unharmed.


3. O dear ones, just let us say,

Words to brighten up your day,

As we express to you the way that we all feel,

We’re so sad you’ve been abused,

But God will make it up to you,

If you’ll only choose the life in Him that’s real.


4. Now that you are safe at home,

Back with loved ones who have longed,

To embrace you and behold your face again,

The fam’ly circle still remains,

Because we’ve called on Jesus’ name,

Our Lord and Savior who has saved us from our sins.



Yellow ribbons all around,

That you saw while coming down,

It is just our way to show that we missed you,

We are trying hard to say,

“Welcome home, dear friend, to stay,

We’re so sorry that someone mistreated you.”