When Jesus Turns You On

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1996 by Betty M. Pike

1. Like a worn out radio, alone there on the shelf,

In a world of silence, there all by itself,

There came a voice from heaven, it said, “I’ll right your wrongs,

Just tune your heart to glory, and I’ll give you a song.”


2. That holy activation came sweeping through my soul,

I caught a glimpse of heaven, a vision did unfold,

Now I’m shouting glory, He moved that heart of stone,

I’m broadcasting now for heaven, since Jesus turned me on.


3. Don’t lend yourself to Satan, for he’ll cross your wires,

He’ll create lust within you, and stir your beast desire,

A dope addict and a hippie, you’ll seek rock and roll,

With a life that’s filled with static, while you lose your soul.


4. When the Savior found me, I was beyond repair,

In a land of darkness, and almost in despair,

In a world of misery, my life out of control,

For when the light came to me, I had almost lost my soul.



Now, you may seem worthless to Satan’s worldly scheme,

But “I Am” is able, He’ll fix everything,

You won’t be full of static, with your moans and groans,

You’ll have a heavenly vision, when Jesus turns you on.