Why God Takes So Long

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1977 by Betty M. Pike

1. So often we wonder,

Why God takes so long,

To answer whenever we pray,

So, one day I sought Him

And He made it known,

For He answered me, friend, right away.


2. I whispered, “Dear Jesus,

Must You take so long,

To answer my prayers when I pray?”

I heard Him then answer,

“My child, you’re so slow,

To honor the things that I say.”


3. I said, “Lord, forgive me,

For I’ve been so wrong,

I’m sorry I’ve acted this way,

I know that You’ll hear me,

As You lead me on,

But I must do whatever You say.”



So long I’ve been waiting,

To gather My own,

To a land of a much brighter day,

So, if you are ready, together we’ll go,

For we may reach the portals today.