The Mighty Cry Of War

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1981 by Betty M. Pike

1. Jesus walked along the shores of Galilee,

On a journey that led up to the sky,

Mighty angels from above,

They would bring to Him God’s love,

Ev’ry time that my Savior cried.


2. So many lives here are lost when on the battlefield,

Precious lives, those so dear to you and me,

But a war is never won,

By mighty planes, tanks or guns,

That can never never set people free.


3. Though your weapons may be great, yet friend, it’s such a mistake,

For us to fight and battle ‘gainst our fellow man,

We need a Savior and a guide,

To protect us and to provide,

To deliver ev’rybody from their sins.



Oh, we hear it o’er and o’er,

That mighty cry of war,

So many voices we can hear as people sigh,

But that freedom that we seek,

It must be found at Jesus’ feet,

Near the cross where my Savior died.