The Solid Rock

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1996 by Betty M. Pike

1. You’d better hurry and repent,

You’d better not wait too long,

Hurry, friend, and confess your sins,

And join this happy throng,

‘Cause if you play around in sin,

And if you wait too long,

If you mess around with Satan,

He’ll be got your soul and gone.


2. Come and go along with me,

And join this caravan,

Just plant your feet on the solid rock,

Get away from that sinking sand,

‘Cause this old world’s gonna reel and rock,

In just a little while,

You’d better frown on Satan while you can,

So later you can smile.


3. You’d better get on the rock, better get on the rock,

You’d better take your stand,

And you’d better call on Jesus’ name,

Better do it while you can,

You’d better not wait, ‘cause it’s growing late,

If you want to enter in,

You’d better get your name on the roll above,

And get out of this world of sin.


4. The King is here, the King is here,

Though rock and roll is gone,

The King is here, so lend an ear,

We’ve got a brand new song,

Lift up your heads, their king is dead,

You can hear their moans and groans,

But the King of kings is the Holy Ghost,

And He’s still on the throne.



Hallelujah! I’m on the rock, I’m on the rock,

And my name is on the roll.

Hallelujah! I’m on the rock, I’m on the rock,

Since Jesus made me whole.

He promised in His Holy Word, if I’d give Him control,

He said He’d plant my feet on the solid rock,

And write my name on the roll.