The Desire Of All Ages

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

by Betty M. Pike

1. The desire of all ages,

Who was for to come,

Almighty Jehovah,

The eternal one,

Who exhibits His strength as,

The mighty wind blows,

With love unsurpassed,

My Lord has conquered His foes.


2. Almighty Jehovah,

The El-shaddai,

Whose omnipresence,

He rules from on high,

Omnipotent Savior,

My friend and my guide,

With no one to help Him,

Jehovah Jireh provides.


3. His thoughts are expressed as,

The great thunder rolls,

He demonstrates skill as,

The lightning He grows,

The billowing tide from,

The vast briny deep,

The towering mountains,

With their snowy white peaks.


4. His soft velvet touch on,

The valleys below,

With His sweet misty breath sends,

The power to grow,

He’s the hope of salvation,

And the strength of mankind,

The desire of all ages,

He’s the Father of time.


Chorus: Can you bridle the behemoth,

Or bring forth the snow,

Do you know who makes,

The robins to sing?

Who scooped out the deep?

Tell me, if you know.

Gird up your loins,

And answer me, Job,

Almighty Jehovah,

The El-Shaddai.


Recitation: If the ocean with depths so mighty and deep,

Could be used in a pen as if it were ink,

To tell of His glory, and to tell of His grace,

Would exhaust the strength of all ages within Adam’s race.

The need of a pen, or the use of a quill,

Would require every green stalk of every green hill.

The moisture dissipated, the earth left so dry,

No rain from heaven, no water supply.

If the heavens were used as parchment to write,

With the wind in its feather, at the great speed of light,

To tell of His love and of His holy fame,

There remains but one expression,

The terms, “Jesus Name.”

For Calvary’s compassion so clearly denotes,

God’s eternal expression of heavenly quotes.