The Family Of God

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1989 by Betty M. Pike

1. Jesus was preaching one day,

When Mary His mother came by,

She sent for her Son, but that holy one,

Answered her with this reply.


2. In this world I’m left all alone,

Forsaken by friends that I love,

Because I must bear your burden and cares,

To give you God’s love from above.


3. O blessed Mary, don’t cry,

When you think of the cross I must bear,

Your heart breaks in two, but I do it for you,

That others your blessings might share.



I belong to the fam’ly of God,

I’m no longer some mother’s dear son,

But my Father above, sends you His love,

On the wings of a beautiful dove.

On the wings of a snowy white dove,

My Father sends down His sweet love,

To tell you today, to walk in His way,

And belong to the fam’ly of God.