The Master’s Touch

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1996 by Betty M. Pike

1. Sometimes we feel so weary,

As we go from day unto day,

Our hearts are filled with sadness,

Until we learn to pray,

While searching for a comfort,

Wond’ring how we’ll ever stand,

We’ll always find the answer,

In God’s great master plan.


2. We always feel so helpless,

When we begin to weep,

When joy turns into mourning,

As our loved ones go to sleep,

Life then seems so worthless,

And it’s hard to understand,

God’s eternal purpose,

Wrought by the Master’s hand.


3. When life’s so rich around us,

Somehow we seem to forget,

Until the storm clouds gather,

To remind us of our debt,

That Jesus paid at Calv’ry,

To free us from our sins,

Through our neglect and unconcern,

We can never win.



Although the world around you,

May crumble to the ground,

Yet, there’s someone who loves you,

And He’s always around,

And when your cross seems heavy,

And your burdens far too much,

You’ll find Christ is the answer,

You need the Master’s touch.