The Prodigal

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1977 by Betty M. Pike

1. Go and find my prodigal,

And tell him to come home,

Tell him I know he’s weary,

And I know that he’s done wrong,

But tell him I still love him,

I’ll forgive his sins today,

For without him it’s so lonely,

Here around the old home place.


2. As a sheep you’ve wandered, son,

From the safety of the fold,

Alone without a shepherd,

And you’re lost out in the cold,

You’re wounded and you’re bleeding,

And the darkness is at hand,

And as the shadows deepen, son,

You may be lost in sin.



Stand up, stand up for Jesus, son,

Lift up your head and pray,

There’s a ring that’s for your finger,

There awaits a better day,

The angels all are longing,

To see you with your friends,

And the fatted calf is ready,

So the banquet can begin.