The Man Called Jesus

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1977 by Betty M. Pike

1. Have you ever heard about Jesus,

The man who can walk on the sea?

My friend, if you know of His dwelling,

Oh please, won’t you tell Him of me?


2. Now they tell me that He can heal the cripple,

And I’ve been told that He makes the blind to see,

What a wonderful man of compassion,

It makes me wonder how these things can be.


3. As I journey through life I grow weary,

And my soul seems to sink in despair,

And I wonder if Jesus can help me,

To find my way to those mansions up there.


4. Friend, will you lead me to Jesus,

Will you try to help me find my way,

To that beautiful city called heaven,

For I’d love to hear what He’ll say.



I’m searching for the man called Jesus,

I’m not looking for fortune nor fame,

But I’ve heard about a man that’s called Jesus,

They tell me there is power in His name.