They’ve Taken Christ Out Of Christmas

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1996 by Betty M. Pike

1. They’ve taken Christ out of Christmas,

They’ve made Santa Claus their desire,

The bright candle lights in the window,

To me no longer inspire.


2. The glory to God’s gone to Santa,

They fill children’s hearts with their lies,

Since they’ve taken Christ out of Christmas,

Oh, what will they do when they die.


3. They’ve taken Christ out of Christmas,

They’ve put Santa Claus in His place,

The day called the Lord’s they’ve made pagan,

Since the people of God failed to pray.


4. Your gifts you can give to another,

For it’s all that your money can buy,

You’re choosing the way of the heathens,

With your pagan day and your rites.



Let us turn back the pages of mem’ries,

And a babe in the manger we’ll see,

Where there were no stories of Santa,

But the glory of the Christ who died for thee.



One day while pursuing the course of this life,

I met a stranger to whom I felt compelled to speak,

His wife to whom I had spoken before,

Said the Savior he was going to meet,

He had taken cancer and now he was dying,

Going without God in his soul,

But I longed so to tell him of Jesus,

The sweetest of stories ever told,

I started but so quickly he stopped me,

He said I don’t believe in that stuff,

Oh, the way that he spoke of my Savior,

Caused me to be deeply touched.

His wife had said that he loved her,

And he had provided for her such a good home,

But he just didn’t believe in my Jesus,

Because of the thing that his dad had done wrong.

He had so much faith in his father,

As a child to what he would say,

He believed in daddy and mommy,

But yet by them was betrayed.

They led hem astray by their fiction,

That built Santa up in his heart,

But he never doubted his daddy,

Till the truth one day broke his heart.

At last he had come to the crossing,

His life down here had been spent,

Never having a Savior to guide him,

Because of his daddy’s great sin.

An infidel to all of God’s teachings,

Unless you could offer a proof,

For if he could not believe in his daddy,

How could he believe friend in you?

If he could see God, He said I’d accept him,

But you must show Him to me,

But since I’ve lost trust in my daddy,

I decided to believe in what I could see,

I spoke of the wind in the tree tops that sang birds their lullabye songs,