Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1996 by Betty M. Pike

1. While the branches are tender,

Putting forth their leaves,

You know that summertime is near.

The voice of the turtle dove,

Is heard among the trees,

You can feel God’s presence, it’s so near.


2. You can see the little poppies,

Blooming in the fields,

You can tell with Mother Nature God is pleased.

You can smell the lovely roses,

And behold the jonquils,

As nature starts caressing fields of wheat.


3. As I behold the little ripples,

Playing upon the rocky streams,

I can hear them singing praises to the king.

Their enchanting virtues,

Harmonizing with the breeze,

Sweet memory as they do their own thing.


4. As you wander through the forest,

And you see the everglade,

Their enhancing brings nature’s unseen touch.

And I’m always fascinated,

By the chanting among the leaves,

Of the little ones that always seem to blush.



It’s summertime,

Neighbor, it’s summertime,

I can hear the bluebirds singing in the trees,

It’s summertime,

God’s summertime,

With the smell of honeysuckles in the breeze.