Song Of The Lamb

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1981 by Betty M. Pike

1. Give me a song Lord, oh, give me a song,

A song I can sing, Lord, all the day long,

A song in the daytime, and a song in the night,

A song that will help me do ev’rything right.


2. My life, it had vanished, my hope was all gone,

In the past I had practiced the things that were wrong,

But when I found Jesus, He turned me around,

The sheep that was lost, friend, at last has been found.


3. Jesus, He heard me, and He gave me a song,

Wrote by Jehovah, it came straight from the throne,

He gave me a blessing, and He gave me a crown,

For the song that He gave me was the song of the Lamb.



Thank God for my song,

Oh, thank God for my song,

My heart is rejoicing, all the day long,

The birds are all singing, springtime is around,

It’s God’s resurrection, it’s the song of the Lamb.