Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1995 by Betty M. Pike

1. Awake, oh, awake, thou that sleepeth,

Arise, and come forth from the dead,

To the beautiful dawning, of that glorious morning,

Vict’ry is just up ahead.

2. The days of the Gentiles are over,

It’s the end of her dazzle and dreams,

Nightmares of horrors fill all her tomorrows,

As God raptures the church He’s redeemed.


3. the Trumpet of God is now sounding,

You can hear it throughout all the land,

The Savior is calling, soon the stars will start falling,

Take hold of those nail-riven hands.


4. There’s a roar from the lion of Judea,

He thunders a challenge of doom,

There’s a war cry, it’s heard from the Mighty,

The eagle has made her nest on the moon.


Chorus: For the eagle is stirring her nest,

Aloft the mountains that reach to the blue,

It’s sundown, it’s sundown, the judgements will come now,

Mighty Israel is now on the move.