Something About America

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1996 by Betty M. Pike

1. There is something about America,

No matter where you go,

There is something that is different,

You must admit it’s so,

Her statures are for justice,

With liberty for all,

So let us ask the Savior,

Not to let our lady fall.


2. Her head, God crowned with majesty,

She dazzles and she glows,

Her apparel is of royalty,

And this, the whole world knows,

Her virtues in the mind of men,

Have made them stand up tall,

To spill their blood in battle,

Preserving heritage for all.


3. The father of democracy,

That knelt upon his knees,

While searching for the favor,

Of the great esteem,

He prayed to God for righteousness,

So that freedom’s bells might ring,

To lift the load of the oppressed,

So that their hearts could sing.


4. So let’s preserve our heritage,

By the Spirit of His grace,

So, don’t ever let us fail to pray,

And make that great mistake,

Her virtues are so many,

Within the hearts of men,

Don’t defy with spots and blemishes,

Why should our lady sin.


5. The billows of the stars and stripes,

May it forever wave,

To glisten in the light of God,

With the mighty on parade,

The courage of the valiant ones,

With no one here enslaved,

In the fruited plains of innocence,

The homeland of the brave.


6. There’s many things you can pursue,

Of interest and desire,

In this land of entertainment,

There’s Olympics to inspire,

But I admire the mighty ones,

Who stand up great and tall,

To command the way of righteousness,

They’re the leaders of us all.


7. There’s treasures that we all possess,

That money cannot buy,

There’s joy, with peace and happiness,

That makes us want to try,

To preserve our liberties,

For which our statue stands,

With her arms of grace outstretched,

Toward our neighbor’s land.



What does it mean,

This land of dreams,

Where living waters flow,

Could it be that you and me, my friend,

We’ve failed to know,

The purpose of the God above,

To enrich the hearts of all,

Through this great establishment,

That should never fall.