Rose Of Sharon

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1995 by Betty M. Pike

1. There are days of inspiration,

When you can scale the mountains so steep,

There are days of great temptation,

When you sit there alone and weep.


2. As the Savior hung there at Calv’ry,

And they pierced His hands and his feet,

He was so sick, so tired, and so weary,

As the Father lay Him down to sleep.


3. With the whip upon His back they plowed furrows,

And from the thorns on His head blood dripped down,

And the tears from His eyes, they saw streaming,

As together they slaughtered God’s lamb.


4. As we behold that great man of sorrows,

Who was left alone, friend, to bleed,

And they who had crucified Jesus,

They had scattered His lambs and His sheep.



But the Rose of Sharon shall blossom,

And the willows shall never more weep,

And they who have laid down in sorrow,

Shall awake, no longer to sleep.