Rosh Hashana

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1981 by Betty M. Pike

1. The trails of life are filled with great adventure,

The stead you ride, a mighty part shall play,

Along this road that’s leading up to Calv’ry,

As troubadours, friend, we must watch and pray.


2. Somewhere ahead there is a burning desert,

That we must cross, and there’s a price to pay,

But just beyond waters of life are flowing,

With green, grassy slopes that pave the barren way.


3. There’s meadows green, in a land that’s filled with flowers,

There’s shady trees, with clear and rippling brooks,

Where gentle springs of life are overflowing,

And sweet sunshine fills lovely lanes and nooks.


4. Shalom to you, sweet peace from God forever,

Sorrows all gone, springtime is in the air,

The racial veil there, Christ has rent forever,

A land of love, where there’s no need to pray.



Come join me in God’s lovely Rosh Hashana,

And behold the Christ through views of yesterday,

Until we meet, I say to you “Mañana,”

Until we meet on Rainbow’s Hill someday.