Prison Of Sin

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1981 by Betty M. Pike

1. When life’s in bloom, there is no room,

For sorrows and despair,

So many friends, life is so grand,

Until you’re caught in the snare.


2. The days are long, you hear the groan,

Of souls locked tight within,

There’s no escape, you sit and wait,

Reviewing your past of sin.


3. The walls are cold, with bars so strong,

And you have no peace within,

There is no light, to rend through night,

That dark, dark veil of sin.


4. You remember the days, when life was sweet,

And the springtime of your life,

God’s love and care, was always there,

Your heart blossomed with truth.



You search for a way,

And you long for the day,

But you cannot find a friend,

For it’s too late, what an awful fate,

When you’re in a prison of sin.