Pray, Pray, America

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1977 by Betty M. Pike

1. In a little country village,

Just a little country town,

God picked up a country boy,

And gave to him a crown,

From a little place so humble,

And according to its name,

It produced a president,

So simple and so plain.


2. The people were confounded,

They just couldn’t see,

How a man like Jimmy Carter,

Could rule over you and me,

But it just goes to show you,

That God still has His way,

In the good and in the evil,

He does what He will each day.


3. His concern about God’s people,

Has raised him up in fame,

And thus he shall continue,

If he calls on Jesus’ name,

One thing is sure and certain,

There is just one way to win,

Acknowledge God in all your ways,

And don’t play around in sin.


4. History proves it’s a fact,

That whenever people pray,

God elevates a good man,

So that he might lead the way,

But in ev’ry place where people sinned,

They dishonored His great name,

So He lifted up a wretched man,

Who led them into shame.



So, pray, pray, America,

You’ve got a chance to win,

Let other nations see your light,

And know that God’s your friend,

Lift up the Christ of Calvary,

Don’t ever be ashamed,

In the midst of heathen gods,

To praise and proclaim Jesus’ name.