Our Youth

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1996 by Betty M. Pike

1. Like the early morning dew out in the sunlight,

Bright and brilliant as they sparkle, oh so gay,

But the tragic side of life is when they vanish,

Leaving sad and lonely hearts who failed to pray.


2. Thy Creator don’t forget when youth is flowing,

From instructions do not turn thine ears away,

Jesus shed his precious blood, to meet the judgment,

If you will heed then you won’t have pay.


3. Mother, dad and child, please won’t you listen,

To the voice that keeps telling you to pray,

Won’t you take a little time to be holy,

Or in your arms a dying child may lay.


4. Oh, please think about the heart, my son, you’re breaking,

Daughter don’t become a mother at your age,

While you sow, then think about the day of reaping,

Don’t forget the harvest is your pay.


5. Our Savior is not mocked, so while you’re playing,

Be not deceived, as you choose to go your way,

For the wild oats that you sow, you’re sure to reap them,

Perhaps a tragic crash along the way.


6. Don’t forget the winter winds are soon coming,

That will turn your pretty leaves to brownish gray,

The waters of life will leave your branches,

And if you’re badly scared you will decay.


7. As the apple on a tree you’re sure to wither,

As the elders when you’re old and full of age,

But the seed that will not rot, shall be transplanted,

In a land where we will never fade away.


8. Sinful scars cannot be hid behind cosmetics,

Burned in your lust, you strip your clothes away,

Mother you’re to blame, it’s all your training,

And daddy you’re the one who led the way.


9. If we train a child up by the Bible,

When it’s older then it will not turn away,

The pretty things you give with education,

When sickness comes cannot drive storm clouds away.


10. Your makeup aided by your worldly fashions,

Won’t change the pictures of their twisted face,

As a soul sinks into hell, it goes there screaming,

Daddy, mommy, you’re to blame, you did not pray.


11. The sun of life for youth is early morning,

So let the Bible take the parties now away,

Though it’s high noon in your life, sunset is coming,

The night will mean it’s closing of the day.


12. Cigarettes along with television parties,

Beer and whiskey makes our youth of today,

Spiced a little by the twisted tree of knowledge,

Their beastly natures rages at its play.


13. In the church among the first on Sunday morning,

They hide their evil close beneath their painted face,

While the leader in the pulpit does the preaching,

By soothing lies he’s reaching for their pay.



Like the flowers in the spring our youth is blooming,

Like the flowers in the fall they fade away,

Like the willow branches in the breeze that’s blowing,

They’re full of life by reason of their play.