No Place To Pillow His Head

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1954 by Betty M. Pike

1. If you listen I’ll tell you a story of love,

Though some think the hero is dead,

But He’s living forever in heaven above,

And rules from His great throne instead.


2. Oh, the Prince of salvation came down to this earth,

To learn of the trials below,

Through His death on the cross He has given new birth,

That others redemption could know.


3. While the tempest was raging, the Master sought rest,

But woke to speak peace to the deep,

All the foxes have holes and the birds have their nest,

But Jesus had no place to sleep.


4. The lost sheep on the mountain, He earnestly sought,

He gave them His blessing and bread,

And He led them to safety there back to the fold,

But He had no place for His head.



He had no place, oh, no place,

He had no place for His head,

He had no place, oh no place,

No place to pillow His head.




Through all His trials and hardships below He was perfectly known,

Though the cross with its terrors daily He faced,

Proved the march of the martyrs were on,

Though first there was Steven the Prophet they stoned,

Then they cut off John’s head,

Then there was Peter they nailed to the cross,

The greatest martyrs of men,

The lost sheep of the mountains daily were sought,

He gave them shelter and bread,

But in so doing He gave up His home,

And hung on the cross and bled.