No Room In The Inn

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1996 by Betty M. Pike

1. May I sleep in your barn tonight mister?

For I’m meek and I’m lowly in heart,

In the world all alone I’m a stranger,

I’ve no home so I’m knocking on your heart.


2. I won’t ask to come in by the fireside,

I’ll just dwell in a cave or a den,

I won’t eat of your food, oh please mister,

But I’ll die on the cross to be Your friend.


3. Through the heat and the cold I must wander,

With the stars up above for My guide,

If there’s no shoes on My feet I won’t murmur,

In the house of My friends I must die.


4. I must walk every step up to Calvary,

There you’ll place the cruel thorns on My brow,

Though you beat on My back I still love you,

With the nails in My hand I’ll still care.



Is there room in your inn for a mother?

Was the plea Joseph made in the town.

While Mary travailed there in sorrow,

Jesus came to the world, they turned Him down.