Me Want It Now

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1981 by Betty M. Pike

1. When you’re in Alabama,

You should stop and see,

The doll house in the graveyard,

Where a tomb stone ought to be,

For it tells a story,

That will cause your head to bow,

There’s words engraved upon it,

That read “Me Want It Now!”

The toys all tell a story,

Of a little girl,

Who longed to have a playhouse,

While down here in this world,

So then she went to daddy,

And told her plans one day,

He promised he would build it,

So her little heart was gay.


2. He built a pretty playhouse,

Pretty as can be,

He placed it in a graveyard,

What a lovely sight to see,

It has doors and windows,

And there’s dollies ev’rywhere,

He wrote these words upon it,

They say, “Me Want It Now!”

Now, she is up in heaven,

With other boys and girls,

And there she owns a mansion,

And it’s all made of pearl,

If she could speak from heaven,

I know her day would hear,

“I’m with Jesus, daddy,

He answered all my prayers.”


Chorus: He promised he would build it,

His promises were true,

At last he built her doll house,

To place it on a tomb,

For Jesus up in heaven,

He had heard all her plans,

So He prepared a mansion,

The fairest in the land,

He sent His angels for her,

And they carried her away,

But just as she was leaving,

Her daddy heard her say,

“Dad, where is my doll house,

My playmates ask about?

Let’s show it to them, daddy,

For Me Want It Now!”