Lazarus And The Rich Man

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1981 by Betty M. Pike

1. Have you heard the story,

Of how Lazarus of old,

Pleaded with the rich man,

Who had great wealth untold,

The crumbs upon the table,

That fell upon the floor,

Was all that Lazarus received,

While the dogs there licked his sores.


2. As God beheld the rich man,

Considering the wrong,

That he had done to Lazarus,

The rich man was dethroned,

He begged and cried for mercy,

For the crimes that he had done,

But Lazarus, he could not come there,

To cool his parching tongue.


3. It was too late for him to pray,

His glory now was gone,

At last he learned he could not buy,

The right to heaven’s throne,

For he had reached the gateway,

Beyond where Jesus saves,

And so he died an awful death,

To lie down in a sinner’s grave.



He’s gone to be in a jubilee,

Far beyond the sky,

Where saints are shouting victory,

And the soul shall never die,

All his pains and troubles are o’er,

Since Jesus took his hand,

For the God who loved him,

Took him to the promised land.