Land Of Tomorrow

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1981 by Betty M. Pike

1. There’s a land of tomorrow that’s so far away,

It’s a land of great beauty, with its eternal day,

There’s flowers of fragrance, they never shall fade,

And that land of tomorrow can be your world of today.


2. By divine transformation, I’ve discovered the way,

By the Spirit’s translation, I’ve entered to stay,

Now I am rejoicing, and there’s no dismay,

For that land of tomorrow is my world of today.


3. People search for God’s kingdom, but they can’t find the way,

With their hearts full of trouble, since they’ve failed to pray,

For they have forgotten the words that He said,

As He hanged there at Calv’ry where He suffered and bled.



Oh, can’t you see that lovely King of kings,

He is the one, friend, who died,

He is the way, He’s the light of today,

So let Him in to abide.