Jesus (#2)

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1996 by Betty M. Pike

1. Jesus the Savior,

Of old Galilee,

Gave rest to the weary,

Let the captive go free,

His hands were so gentle,

His heart was so kind,

He helped the feeble,

Gave sight to the blind,


2. The lame and the beggar,

He did not turn away,

Those who were speechless,

He made to pray,

In His great journey,

Here day after day,

Jesus the Savior,

Made many hearts gay.


3. He made hearts happy,

But His own was so sad,

For a world of lost sinners,

In a troublesome land,

He saw the great sorrow,

As He journeyed on,

With His eyes turned toward heaven,

He sought help from the throne.


4. Jesus did nothing,

That was worthy of death,

But was given the cross,

For all of the rest,

He was nailed to the tree,

His blood spilled on the ground,

While a soldier stood mocking,

Crying, “Come down.”


5. But many stood weeping,

Their eye full of tears,

While the crucified Jesus,

And pierced Him with spears,

He was some mother’s darling,

He was some mother’s son,

Who suffered cruel Calvary,

For nothing He had done.