Jesus, My Lord

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1996 by Betty M. Pike

1. Who is the shepherd who owns all the sheep?

Who made the ocean, who scooped out its deep?

Who made the rivers that hum the forest to sleep?

No one but Jesus my Lord.


2. The wind in the treetops sing lullaby songs,

While it gently pushes the fluffy clouds on,

To water His carpet that we call our lawn,

Who made it? Was Jesus my Lord.


3. He carved out the mountains so graceful and tall,

He painted the brown leaves that come in the fall,

He formed the green meadow with flowers for all,

Was no one but Jesus my Lord.


4. The great master painter from faraway hills,

He painted life’s picture to give my heart a thrill,

The ancient lamp lighter, that lights the stars every night,

So this weary pilgrim keeps traveling right.


5. Who made the place where the antelopes play?

Who taught the angels the right song to sing?

Who rocks the world like a babe in a swing?

No one but Jesus my Lord.



Who rode the prairie before man ever came?

Who tamed the wild stallion without any reins?

Who wrote the song that the nightingales sing?

Was no one but Jesus my Lord.