I’ll Ride This Trail Again

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1994 by Betty M. Pike

1. Today I’m reminiscing,

Of what I long to be,

When in life’s race I shared Your grace,

As You walked along with me,

Your tender touch that meant so much,

For this my poor heart bleeds,

I ask of Thee, Lord, one more time,

Will You consider me?


2. Give me back my boots and saddle,

Give me back my old guitar,

A song of rest within my breast,

That reaches deep and far,

Show me the way, Lord, day by day,

And tell me what to do,

And I’ll ride this trail, Lord, one more time,

I’ll ride it, Lord, for You.


3. The rivers in the valleys,

That are so cold and deep,

But they won’t keep me from my goal,

As they cool my weary feet,

I’ll scale the royal mountains,

That reach up to the sky,

I’ll ride this trail, Lord, one more time,

And meet You by and by.


4. In the book of Revelation,

Friend, we’re clearly told,

That He will open heaven’s doors,

To expose the streets of gold,

The Lord of lords and King of kings,

Upon His mighty stead,

With His outstretched hands forever more,

Will welcome you and me.



I’ll ride this trail again, Lord,

I’ll ride it one more time,

Bringing hope unto the helpless,

And sight unto the blind,

This little trail that’s leading me,

To where nobody knows,

I’ll ride this trail again, Lord,

Where ever it may go.