I’ll Be Back Again

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1978 by Betty M. Pike

1. Sometimes I sit and reminisce,

Over all the things in life I’ve missed,

And I hear Satan say to me,

“You’ve lost all those things that you could be,”

But when I think about my sins,

And all those things I could have been,

I want you to know, my friend, I am so glad,

Just to know that I am free today,

From the price I would have paid,

And though you may lay me in the grave,

I’ll be back again.


2. For someday you’ll look and see spring,

You’ll hear the little robins sing,

There God will do his mighty thing,

I’ll be back again,

For someday He’ll resurrect the dead,

Hallelujah, these things are just ahead,

Happiness will then began,

I’ll be back again.


3. There’ll be no sorrow there,

T’will be joy beyond compare,

That great rapture in the air,

When He returns again,

He’s coming back to earth one day,

He’s returning then to stay,

For when He left and went away,

They heard Him say.



Someday I’ll return again,

To fellowship with my friends,

So just watch and pray,

And remember what I say,

I know your hearts are sad,

But someday you’ll be glad,

For I promise you, I’ll be back again.

For there is life beyond the grave,

For all man kind that I have saved,

There’s another age where true life begins,

And beloved I will meet you there,

In that Aiden, O so fair,

These things to you I do declare,

I’ll be back again.