It’s Time For Jesus To Come

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1996 by Betty M. Pike

1. My journey through life has been such a struggle,

As onward toward heaven I go,

Always searching for someone to help me,

Carry my heavy load.


2. I hear angels singing, glory bells ringing,

It’s time for Jesus to come,

Saints are all watching, they’re waiting and ready,

For the coming of that Holy One.


3. The sufferings of Calvary all will be over,

And up from the tomb we’ll arise,

He’ll catch us away on His wings of healing,

Beyond the lofty blue skies.


4. The children of God will dwell in that city,

Of a world that’s soon to come,

So hurry, dear loved ones, and make preparation,

For the coming of God’s dear Son.



Oh, my friend, what a day and an hour,

He’s coming back soon to gather the flowers,

Tell me, my friend, oh are you ready?

It’s time for Jesus to come.