Highways Of Home

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1977 by Betty M. Pike

1. One day a Savior came down to this earth,

Amid sin and in sorrow did roam,

Oh, how heaven missed Him, His Father was grieved,

For He’d never been away from home.


2. This evil streaking, these modern events,

Ev’rything in this world is all wrong,

The night is upon us, the day is far spent,

We’re on the last highway to home.


3. Our loving Savior, they nailed to the tree,

But amid the great sorrows of Rome,

He loved till the end all those that betrayed Him,

Praying, “Father, forgive all their wrong.”


4. Abused by the hammer, and the nails in His hands,

Abused by the evils of Rome,

They did not confound Him, He bowed His sweet head,

He was trav’ling the highways to home.


5. The lights of that city, they’re just up ahead,

The road signs are pointing to home,

The blood of the martyrs, and the words Jesus said,

Show we’re trav’ling the highways of home.



We’re trav’ling the highways of home, dear brother,

We’re trav’ling the highways of home,

Oh, look up ahead, there’s the lights of that city,

We’re trav’ling the highways of home.