Happy Years

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1996 by Betty M. Pike

1. Here sometimes my heart it ponders,

As my thoughts begin to wander,

Down that little dusty trail of yesteryear,

I can see the fields so bright,

With its cotton oh so white,

As I reminisce my eyes fill up with tears.


2. I remember Grandpa’s buggy,

Little freckles I thought ugly,

I remember Grandma’s old rocking chair,

I think about my mom and dad,

There when I was just a lad,

And to me those were the days of happy years.


3. I visualize the old home place,

Them with whom I use to play,

I recall my brothers and my sisters dear,

Oh my what a time,

In those days when folks were kind,

We believed in God and everyone would share.


4. In those days we’d get together,

And we’d brave the stormy weather,

So soon the sunlight would come shining through,

People cared for one another,

Children loved their dads and mothers,

From the Bible we were taught just what to do.


5. As the shades of evening fall,

I am listening for that call,

My eyes are fastened on that old home place,

Though a prodigal I have been,

Having drifted out in sin,

I’m waiting for that supper call to Adam’s race.


6. Oh, where are the days that’s gone

With their good old fashioned homes,

Where are the moms and dads of yesterday,

Can someone please tell me when,

Happy days will come again,

I believe it will be when we learn to pray.


7. Folks, we’ve left the old foundation,

And forsaken our salvation,

It’s the day of judgment, we must pay our dues,

Jesus is a friend and guide,

He wants to calm the raging tide,

Let’s repent, believe the Bible to be true.


8. I can smell that new mown hay,

And mama’s supper that awaits,

I can tell that my days work is almost done,

I can hear my mama call,

As she beckons to us all,

Soon the children will head homeward in a run.