Have A Good Day

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1996 by Betty M. Pike

1. While passing this way (while passing this way),

I’ll just take a moment,

To say a few words (say a few words),

To help you, my friend (help you my friend),

You don’t have to sigh (you don’t have to sigh),

Here’s hope for tomorrow,

So brush the tears from your eyes, there’s no need to cry,

There is someone who makes ev’rything right (ev’rything right).


2. You don’t have to weep (you don’t have to weep),

When you feel so lonely,

He’s able to keep (able to keep),

Wherever you go (ever you go),

His name is so sweet (His name is so sweet),

He understands you,

He banishes sin, justifies in the end,

With His love He makes ev’rything right (ev’rything right).


3. He made my day (He made my day),

When He hung there at Calv’ry,

He showed me the way (showed me the way),

The way I should go (way you should go),

With sweet loving hands (with sweet loving hands),

He tenderly beckons,

How I can say, that I have a good day,

For He has made ev’rything right (ev’rthing right).


4. ‘Tis the day of the Lord (the day of the Lord),

To us He has given,

So let us rejoice (let us rejoice),

And be glad in it (be glad in it),

For His is the way (He is the way),

By Him we can enter,

Enter into His grace, there to find our place,

As He makes ev’rything right (ev’rything right).



Have a good day (have a good day),

There is someone who loves you,

Have a good day (have a good day),

There’s someone who cares (someone who cares),

He’s alive in your heart (alive in your heart),

And He watches o’er you,

So just watch and pray,

He won’t let you stray,

You can have a good day, my friend (have a good day).