How Great Is God?

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1996 by Betty M. Pike

1. So many times along this trail of life,

I’ve stopped to think about this world of strife,

My heart cries out to know the reason why,

People are born and the reason why they die.


2. How great is God, He cannot be defined,

How great is God, who relieves my troubled mind,

He’s kind enough to help the weak and blind,

He’s big enough to turn the page of time.


3. The great I am, who makes the winds to blow,

His mind so great, the ocean depths He knows,

He holds the stars within His gentle hand,

And controls the tide, it moves at His command.


4. His majesty above the fruited plain,

Is spread around by the misty rain,

The snowflakes fall at His fingers touch,

And then spring comes when He says that’s enough.


5. How great is God, no one will ever know,

His love’s so great, it makes the flowers grow,

He is so great, that His riches are untold,

He hangs gates of pearl, and paves His streets with gold.



Almighty God, who wants to be man’s friend,

He is so big the ocean He can span,

He’s big enough to save a world from sin,

He’s immeasurable, without beginning without end.