Heaven’s High Hill

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1996 by Betty M. Pike

1. I’m gonna stay with the Lord,

Where ever He leads me,

Gonna walk by His side,

Where ever I go,

Gonna hold to His hand,

And tell the old story,

Of His wonderful grace,

And how He saved my soul.


2. Dark may be the night,

When shadows surround me,

But He is the light,

Deep down in my soul,

The evening shades,

Just tell of His glory,

There’s a dawning somewhere,

Daylight will unfold.



Oh, glory to God,

Gonna shout hallelujah,

Gonna sing of His love,

For my heart is thrilled,

You can do what you may,

But I’m heading for glory,

To meet Him up there,

On heaven’s high hill.