Heavenly Echoes

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1996 by Betty M. Pike

1. This world of care is a lonesome valley,

With rocky roads and a cross to bear,

It seems no one here wants to help you,

But remember that the Savior cares.


2. Golden bells on the skirts of Aaron,

Made Israel know God was around,

Those golden bells from the gates of glory,

Are ringing out were open now.


3. Green grassy slopes and lovely meadows,

With rippling streams in heaven above,

While angels sing, oh, hallelujah!

A King is born, to rule in love.


4. Sweet melodies seasoned with glory,

Like the morning dews mist in the in the air,

Fragrance so rare with chime celestial,

Comes drifting back from the angels choir.



When I am sad, a voice from heaven,

Comes drifting down from the golden stairs,

I can hear the sound of the heavenly echoes,

And then I know that He answers prayer.