His Presence

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1977 by Betty M. Pike

1. I can see the beauty of the rainbow,

I can hear the lonely whippoorwill,

As I recall those faded mem’ries,

Lord, my heart is searching still.


2. The lovely colors of the rainbow,

As they spread across the evening sky,

Your gift of love to those unworthy,

It brings a teardrop to my eye.


3. My heart is like a weeping willow,

That is seasoned by dewdrops of love,

And like the cool breeze in the valley,

I feel Your presence from above.


4. I see the mountain’s lofty grandeur,

As I behold the poppies in the field,

And the little dusty trail that I see winding,

Where childish footprints linger still.



I look and see the sunset,

Drop behind the distant hills,

And I watch the tide as it comes rolling in,

And as the darkness deepens,

I search for peace within,

For Your presence, Lord, I long to feel.