God’s Masterpiece

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1996 by Betty M. Pike

1. When the great and mighty God up in heaven,

Decided salvation for man,

They searched through earth and through heaven,

But found no one to fit His great plan,

Then at last the great and mighty Jehovah,

So gently stepped down from His throne,

Raised His hands, He said, “The search is all over,

I’ll go down there Myself to right the wrong.”


2. That wonderful great Galilean,

Who loved with compassion for all,

Through suffering, through heartaches and sorrows,

God made Him the pattern for all.

For Jesus the kind hearted Savior,

Who was willing to die on the cross,

There He was one to be pitied,

But the Father could not heed His call.


3. On the day Jesus hung upon Calvary,

There to save us when all others had failed,

God smote the masterpiece of glory,

And revealed Him by rending the veil.

The heavens turned black as Christ was smitten,

As Jehovah made Himself man,

They had to drive the cruel nails in His hands



He was God’s masterpiece,

He was God’s masterpiece,

He was God’s masterpiece for us all.

For He hung there upon cruel Calvary,

Broken hearted and forsaken by all.