Glory Divine

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1996 by Betty M. Pike

1. Jesus the Savior He promised to come,

Back to this earth some sweet day,

To meet us in glory to give us His love,

By faith to catch us away.


2. He promised to come if we would believe,

He said we would meet in the air,

Faith made Him so real that His presence I feel,

The Savior’s around everywhere.


3. When two or three meet down here in His name,

He will be found in their midst,

His spiritual embrace and His life giving crown,

His charitable love seals a kiss.


4. By revelation the great teacher Paul,

While standing upon Mars great hill,

He preached the gospel of their unknown God,

Saying, “Jesus to you I declare.”


5. He’s in you, around you, oh, He’s everywhere,

And you are His image divine,

For God is a Spirit, and He ever lives,

Deep down in this old heart of mine.



He’s here, He’s here,

Yes! He’s everywhere,

And He has been here all the time,

I’ll sing it, I’ll shout it,

My soul’s crying out,

Hallelujah! It’s glory divine.